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Every Playable Character In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a gacha-based action RPG with a huge arsenal of diverse characters. Here's everything you need to know about them.
Every Playable Character In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an upcoming gacha-based action RPG with an anime art style and real-time hack and slash combat. In many ways, it's similar to HoYoverse's highly popular Genshin Impact, though Tower of Fantasy steers more towards the sci-fi genre rather than fantasy.

Similar to Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy features a wide array of unique characters and weapons that players can earn via the game's gacha system. These characters are called Simulacrum, and here's the list of all the Simulacrum or characters in Tower of Fantasy.

All characters in Tower of Fantasy

Below, you can find a list of all Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy, including their weapon type, bio, and more.


meryl tower of fantasy
Meryl is the Senior Executor for Hykros. (Picture: Level Infinite)

Weapon - Rosy Edge

Weapon Type - Ice/Claymore

Bio - Senior Executor for Hykros who excelled in the most dangerous missions thanks to outstanding sword-fighting and combat skills. Keeps her distance from everyone and hides her feelings to herself, but that doesn’t mean she is emotionless.


shiro tower of fantasy
Shiro is a scientist obsessed with the sea. (Picture: Level Infinite)

Weapon - Chakram of the Seas

Weapon Type - Grievous/ Chakram

Bio - Talking about the sea is practically the only way to have a conversation with this laser-focused scientist. She altered a key gear on a desalination device into a defensive weapon that's tough and resilient.


zero tower of fantasy
Zero is a fifteen years old computer genius. (Picture: Level Infinite)


Weapon - Negating Cube

Weapon Type - Enchanted Cube

Bio - Computer genius who appears to be 15 in age. He has deliberately destroyed all records of his real name and other pertinent info. Smart, very competitive, and prideful, ignores anything he sees as meaningless to him.


king tower of fantasy
King is a violent flamboyant. (Picture: Level Infinite)

Weapon - Scythe of the Crow

Weapon Type - Fire/Scythe

Bio - The brash attitude and the flamboyant clothes are both indicators of his strong personality. Used to solve problems and get what he wants through violence. Completely motivated by money too.


tsubasa tower of fantasy
Tsubasa is an energetic and friendly archer. (Picture: Level Infinite)

Weapon - Icemind Arrow

Weapon Type - Ice/Bow

Bio - Getting gravity and wind on her side is the secret to her brilliant archery. She makes friends easily through her energetic personality, yet never seems to belong anywhere in particular.


cocoritter tower of fantasy
Cocoritter is an innocent young healer. (Picture: Level Infinite)

Weapon - Absolute Zero

Weapon Type - Ice/Scepter

Bio - Her unconditional trust in everyone is a concern sometimes. But existing with that innocence is her determination to save more people with her healing talent.


crow tower of fantasy
Crow is a fun and frolic dagger expert. (Picture: Level Infinite)

Weapon - Thunderblades

Weapon Type - Lightning/Double Blade

Bio - No fun things escape Karasuma. He can show you mesmerizing dagger tricks, his pride-and-joy dagger collection, or spat off a litany of lame jokes.


samir tower of fantasy
Samir is a laidback gunslinger. (Picture: Level Infinite)

Weapon - Dual EM Stars

Weapon Type - Lightning/Dual Pistols

Bio - A laidback free-spirit, but a top gunslinger even among elite Executors. Often plays jokes and pranks on others for fun. 

That's all the playable characters in Tower of Fantasy. 

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Featured image courtesy of Level Infinite.