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Watch GINX staff face-off in new series PvP

PvP is new show exclusive to GINX Esports TV, which sees staff go head-to-head in random games they’ve never played before.

Fancy seeing GINX put to the ultimate gaming test? In new series PvP, we’re pitting staff members against each other to be crowned the ultimate office champion.  

This however isn’t a straight-forward gaming tournament, with players having no prior preparation or knowledge of what game they’ll be faced with.  

In this first episode, Vera and Willis are selected at random to go head-to-head in physics-based puzzle title Tricky Towers, developed by WeirdBeard.  

Released in 2016, the game tasks players with building a sturdy tower to a certain height as blocks rain down Tetris-style.  

Safe to say, there’s plenty of tower tumbling misery and architectural regret – but who comes out on top? 

Each win adds three points to the office league table. The player with the most points by the end of the series will be crowned the ultimate office champion. 

PvP episodes will release weekly here on ginx.tv and the GINX Esports TV YouTube channel.  


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