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Guild Esports drops new 'Core' apparel collection

The UK-based esports org continues its growth by unveiling a brand-new clothing collection.

Launched in 2020, UK-based Guild Esports has quickly established itself as one of the most exciting up-and-coming esports organisations of the last few years, already building a strong presence in important titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League, FIFA, and Valorant

With the backing of football legend David Beckham, who acts as a co-owner, Guild wants to continue expanding the brand's reach and has now unveiled its new apparel collection.

The Core Collection apparel drop brings high-quality clothes including fitting joggers, shorts, beanie hats, and more, sporting Guild Esports' signature logo.

Guild Esports Core Collection - All items and cost

Check out everything the Core Collection apparel drop has to offer down below:

Short-sleeve tee (black): £25.00

guild esports core collection

guild esports black shirt

Short-sleeve tee (white): £25.00

guild esports white shirt

guild esports apparelHoodie (black): £55.00

guild esports hoodie

Hoodie (white): £55.00

guild esports clothes

Long-sleeve tee (white): £35.00

white long sleeve guildJoggers: £40.00

joggers guild

Shorts: £30.00

shorts guild esports

Beanie: £19.00  guild beanie

Face mask: £8.00

guild face mask

Guild Esports Core Collection - Where to buy

If you're interested in any of the items, head over to Guild Esports' official apparel shop to take a look at the entire collection.