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Hell Let Loose Roadmap 2021: Update 9, Campaign mode, Flamethrowers, Russian Forces

Hell Let Loose continues to go from strength to strength and the developers have released the roadmap for 2021 showing all the new content players can expect to play over the year.
Hell Let Loose Roadmap 2021: Update 9, Campaign mode, Flamethrowers, Russian Forces

Anyone a fan of the tactical shooter/milsim genre knows a game's release is just the beginning. There is simply too much stuff players and fans want to see, and usually, the development team is smaller than a truly AAA title.

That's why when Hell Let Loose released in 2019 you know it was only the beginning. The game released with both the U.S Army, Airborne and Wermacht as factions and a series of maps based around D-Day and the months following it.

Hell Let Loose Roadmap update 09
(Picture: Black Matter)

There has been plenty of content since then, new maps, weapons, game modes and more and now two months into 2021 the developers have released the content roadmap for the year and for fans of the game there is plenty to get your teeth into.

The roadmap is split into two sections, one the immediate future and what should be seen in Update 09, due to be released in Q1 (approx. sometime in the next two to three months) and then more broadly over the rest of the year.

Hell Let Loose Roadmap 2021
(Picture: Black Matter)

There is a lot here including new maps, a Melee and campaign system, Flamethrowers and a brand new faction and front the Russian's and, of course, the Eastern Front.

Hell Let Loose Update 09: Armour rework, Melee system, MG34, Barbed Wire functionality, more

The first major update of 2021, Update 09, feels like a coming together of many different features and quality of life additions that will add a level of gloss to the game and provide an even better platform to build out future factions, maps and systems.

HLL 2021 Roadmap Update 09
Features and additions due to be released in Update 09. (Picture: Black Matter)

Key additions here include: 

  • Melee
  • Armour rework
  • Community voice-overs
  • Barbed Wire functionality
  • Warmup staging for warfare mode
  • MG34
  • Improvements to UI, sound and optimisation

There has also been some discussion re-implementation of "red-zone" Garrisons, taken out in Update 08 because of the ability to set up ninja garrisons. New requirements, namely costing 100 supplies and deactivated when enemies are within 100 metres are steps the developers are taking to bring them back into the game.

Black Matter has scheduled this update for Q1 which is at some point in the first four months of the year.

Into the future; new factions, Campaign mode, Russian faction, and at least four new maps

From that base, there are many more mouth-watering prospects for players. The armour system, which at the moment is quite basic, will see further improvements alongside the introduction of Flamethrowers, and fire as an element, in general, we have been told.

HLL Roadmap 2021
Post Update 09 HLL Roadmap. (Picture: Black Matter)

Then we have a major shakeup in the shape of the Campaign mode, similar to that seen in Red Orchestra or Rising Storm 2. However, the developer's plans are to take the game mode seen in these titles and expand on it. Resource management down to the vehicles used and destroyed in a particular battle will have an effect in future fights and the existing Offensive and Warfare game modes are designed to fit into this new larger Campaign mode.

Hell let loose campaign map
Red Orchestra 2's campaign game mode allowed players to decide on where and how they attacked. (Picture: Tripwire Interactive)

Also on the cards is the introduction of the Russian faction with all their weapons and vehicles also signalling the first Eastern Front map in the shape of Kursk. Another map set in that front is expected further down the line but details are scarce.

Two new maps for the Western Front are also promised.

Recon squads are also set to get some love with new features implemented to give them added functionality.

To whet your appetite further, a post on the Hell Let Loose Reddit claimed a mod "confirmed" yet more details to these planned features:

  • Ostfront German forces Russian forces
  • 2 Eastern Front Maps British forces
  • 2 Operation Market Garden Maps Canadian forces - including 2 Falaise Pocket Maps Japanese forces
  • 2 Pacific Theatre Maps several NEW maps will be added to each of the above theatres and are in development now.

We can't confirm... but it does line up with some previous information.

These features only have a tentative release of sometime in 2021 and are subject to changes.