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High On Life Could Be Coming To PlayStation

Squanch Games' comedic first-person shooter could be coming to PlayStation sooner rather than later.
High On Life Could Be Coming To PlayStation

High on Life could be coming to PlayStation consoles if a new leak is to be believed. Twitter User Knoebel spotted in the PlayStation backend that a PS4 version of the game was listed, a leak that itself was noticed by OrbisPatches, which scours the PlayStation backend for updates and patches. 

The game was originally released for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC in December of last year, and was released on Xbox Game Pass for both PC and consoles on day one. 

When would High on Life release on PlayStation?

We don't actually know the full exclusivity window for High on Life, but most games that have exclusive deals with companies and platforms are around a year. Games such as Deathloop and Final Fantasy XVI were signed to one-year exclusivity windows which meant that they could not be released on any other platform, and High on Life launched in December of last year, meaning that window is about to close. 

You can probably expect to see a High on Life PlayStation release at some point either towards the end of this year or the start of next year, once the exclusivity contract expires.

Will the High on Life DLC release on PlayStation?

We can probably assume that if High on Life is releasing on PlayStation towards the end of this year or the start of next year that it will also launch with the DLC. While we don't yet know when High on Knife will launch, we can probably assume that it'll be within the next six months since it was originally announced in June and is an expansion, rather than a full game. 

Will High on Life be on PlayStation Plus?

Here's when things can get even more guessworky. The internal politics of Xbox contracts may prohibit Sqaunch Games from putting their title on another subscription service, or it may even force High on Life off Xbox Game Pass entirely. Any potential PlayStation Plus deal would have to be worked out based on what that means for the Xbox Game Pass version, and judging by previous PlayStation exclusive releases such as Stray (which was released on PlayStation Plus) coming to Xbox not on Xbox Game Pass, we may see Xbox respond in kind with High on Life.