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Horizon Forbidden West - How to upgrade from PS4 to PS5

Fans of Horizon Forbidden West that acquire the last-gen version of the PlayStation exclusive are entitled to a next-gen upgrade.
Horizon Forbidden West - How to upgrade from PS4 to PS5

Horizon Forbidden West has been highly anticipated since the sequel to 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn was revealed in 2020. 

While players wished to see what Guerrilla Games could come up with to follow up Aloy's story utilising the power of the PlayStation 5, last-gen users can still get their hands on the open-world game. 

As the transitional period between hardware generation shifts becomes blurrier, developers have adopted a new business model, which usually includes next-gen upgrades for players purchasing their games in previous-gen consoles. 

Some are free, others come with a price tag. Naturally, fans of Horizon Forbidden West are not only wondering if they are entitled to a free next-gen upgrade but also how to download it once they get their hands on a PS5.

Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Horizon Forbidden West PS4 to PS5 upgrade.

Horizon Forbidden West - Can I upgrade from PS4 to PS5?

horizon forbidden west ps4 to ps5
Upgrading your copy of Horizon Forbidden West is easy. (Picture: Guerrilla Games)

The answer is yes. Guerrilla Games has given players the ability to upgrade their Horizon Forbidden West PS4 version to the PS5. What's more, is that it will be completely free!

Back in September, Sony was massively criticised for not giving players the option to freely upgrade their last-gen version to PS5 after promising fans that all first-party titles would boast such a feature.

As we've said, this was reverted, leaving only a simple question -- how do you go about upgrading your PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West - How to upgrade from PS4 to PS5

horizon 2 ps4 to ps5
Buying a PS4 copy of Horizon Forbidden West is cheaper than a PS5 version. (Picture: Guerrilla Games)

The process is super easy, in fact, the hardest part is probably getting your hands on a PS5.

On your shiny brand-new PlayStation 5, head to the PS Store and look up Horizon Forbidden West. If you're using the same account in which you originally purchased the game on PS4, you'll be able to easily download the PS5 version at no extra cost.

Remember that this does apply even if you bought a physical copy of Horizon Forbidden West for PS4, which is incredibly convenient.

As an extra tip, we actually encourage you to pick up the PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West even if you have a PS5. This is because the older-gen version is quite cheaper, so you save some money by taking advantage of previous-gen prices compared to the 70$ (or equivalent) price tag associated with first-party PS5 titles. 


Featured image courtesy of Guerrilla Games.