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How to enable Ultrawide support in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The remaster of this classic RPG trilogy has brought many graphical features, including support for gaming monitors with a 21:9 screen.
How to enable Ultrawide support in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

After much waiting from old and new players and fans from the RPG genre, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now available worldwide, letting everyone experience the journey of Commander Shepard and his efforts to save the Milky Way galaxy.

This remaster has arrived with many features to differentiate it from its original trilogy releases, including an overhaul in its Galactic Readiness system, access to every single DLC, new weapons and armours, and visual enhancements like 4K mode, better textures and lighting, and ultrawide monitors support.

The ultrawide support will only be possible through its PC version, although it is always pretty welcomed the possibility of playing in a more immersive experience in this classic sci-fi franchise.

To enable it, you just will have to connect any compatible ultrawide gaming monitor to your system, enter the game, and then open any of the Graphics menus in the Settings tab of whichever game of the trilogy you are currently playing.

Here, you will have your Resolution option right first, so now just click it and choose from the list of qualities available, with the one corresponding to the 21:9 scale always being the first one listed.

How to enable Ultrawide support in Mass Effect Legendary Edition(Picture: BioWare)

After that just save your settings and the game will be ready for you to play on an ultrawide landscape. A quick note: at this moment there is no compatibility with 32:9 mode as this was previously announced back in February by BioWare, so sorry for those with a Samsung Odyssey monitor.

Also, we have to be clear that this graphics mode will only be available for the gameplay and menus in general, as the cutscenes are still locked to a 16:9 aspect ratio, so you will see those annoying black bars on the right and left sides. It’s possible this will be fixed in a later update, or even with the help of mods.