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Rumoured Kirby game teased in Japanese publication

Nintendo expects to release Kirby and the Forgotten Land in March 2022, ahead of the character's 30th anniversary.
Rumoured Kirby game teased in Japanese publication

Nintendo's lovable yet powerful pink puffball, Kirby, is rumoured to be receiving another video game in honour of the character's 30th anniversary. This news comes from a Japanese publication that reportedly suggests that they'll reveal more details in its subsequent publication in February 2022.

We know that Nintendo is expected to release Kirby and the Forgotten Land in March 2022, ahead of the character's 30th anniversary on 27th April 2022. Even if rumours of a new Kirby game have yet to be confirmed, Nintendo will likely be focusing on the pink puff in a future Nintendo Direct showcase.

Kirby leak teases "new game" coming soon

Posted to Twitter on 23rd January 2022, Nintendo source, Klu, uploaded an image from the Japanese publication Nintendo Dream with English translations accompanying the post. The publication alludes that Nintendo is rumoured to be announcing more news relating to Kirby, which includes a new game.

"New issue will release it on Monday, 21st February. In addition to detailed news about Kirby and The Forgotten Land, we've also included a new game that we didn't expect!... I have a feeling that a new title will be announced."

It's unclear whether the rumours are founded or merely speculation. There are endless possibilities that the new game could be a Kirby remaster, mobile port or expansion pack content for Kirby and the Forgotten Land, as one Kirby fan pointed out on the Nintendo Life site.

kirby new game rumour kirby and the fogotten land
Could we possibly see Kirby in yet another adventure this year? (Picture: Nintendo)

Nevertheless, another avid fan commented on the Nintendo Life site that there was an omittance in the Tweeted translation. "A somewhat crucial line omitted from the translation is "なかったらゴメンね" (sorry if it isn't [announced]). Hopefully, something will be revealed, but there appears to be no guarantee," Maxz stated.

They later added that the "new game" teased in the Nintendo Dream publication suggests that it may be related to a Kirby game series. "My reading of it is that it won't necessary be a Kirby game. まさか!?の新作タイトル reads like "a new title in THAT [series]!?" Technically the word 'series' isn't mentioned, so "a new title for THAT!?" would be more accurate, but I assume that series is implied," Maxz concluded.

kirby new game rumour nintendo life comment translation
One user corrected an omittance from the translated Tweet on a Nintendo Life post. (Picture: Nintendo Life / Maxz)

Until Nintendo can elaborate more on these rumours, they have teased anniversary plans for Kirby are arriving soon. Either way, Kirby looks to be ready with his unique and peculiar abilities to keep "troublemakers" at bay for his 30th anniversary.


Featured image courtesy of Nintendo.