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Leaks suggest Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is on the way

A long-awaited Mass Effect trilogy remaster could finally be coming, according to a new listing on Portuguese retailer Gaming Replay.
Leaks suggest Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is on the way

Mass Effect has a special place in the hearts of many gamers, but it’s not currently possible to play the full trilogy with ease on the current generation of consoles. PC players have a better time of things, but a full remaster of the series has been a popular request for years.




Now it seems that the time has finally come, as a listing for the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered has cropped up on Portuguese retailer Gaming Replay. The listing, which has since been taken down, showed the remastered trilogy would be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in October 2020.

Mass Effect trilogy remastered
(Picture: Bioware)

This incredible listing is yet to be confirmed and didn’t feature official box art, but fans everywhere are praying that it turns out to be an accurate leak. The series, which follows the story of Commander Shepard, was the last great entry in the Mass Effect franchise, and no matter your take on the widely-disputed ending, it’s a fantastic all-round trilogy.

Mass Effect remastered Trilogy
(Picture: Bioware)

Last month, GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb reported that he was sure of a Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered when discussing the franchise on a podcast. In his statement, Grubb said the game would be announced in October of this year, and released later that month. 

Now that we have more evidence pointing towards the remastered collections, we can hope for all prior DLC making its way to the title, making it the definitive way to enjoy the franchise. Since each game leads into the next, remembering choices that players have made throughout the series, it would feel great to have an easy way to access all three titles, without digging out our old copies of the games.

Plus, with graphics having improved drastically since 2007’s Mass Effect, it would be incredible to see the games brought up to today’s standards. As many who have played the series will attest, it’s hard to find better characters and story than those found in the Mass Effect trilogy, and that’s part of the reason why Mass Effect: Andromeda was so poorly reviewed.