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Minecraft Dungeons glitch allows you to play cross-play between Xbox and PC

Cross-play is a planned feature, but not yet out for Mojang's latest Minecraft game, but a glitch has been discovered that allows Xbox and PC gamers to play together.
Minecraft Dungeons glitch allows you to play cross-play between Xbox and PC

The long-awaited Minecraft Dungeons, the action RPG dungeon crawler (Diablo mixed with Minecraft) from Mojang. was released today and is the first new Minecraft title since the original record-breaking game came out in 2011.

Gone are the world-building ways of Minecraft and in its place is a frantic hack-and-slash game that can be played as a solo, or up to as many as four players, in coop mode.



The game is also available on Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, but that has left some disappointed as at launch the game doesn't feature cross-play - the ability to play with friends on different devices. Majong has promised that this feature is coming to the game in the future though but until then one user might have found a workaround for Xbox and PC players, allowing them to attempt to defeat the dreaded Arch-Illager on their preferred machine.

The glitch comes courtesy of Reddit user zMuska who provided a video and instructions for how to enable cross-play between Xbox One and PC.


How to join Xbox players when you're on PC (Early Crossplay Glitch) from MinecraftDungeons


Minecraft Dungeons: How to Cross-play between Xbox One and PC

Mojang Minecraft dungeons cross-play bug feature xbox and PC
(Picture: Mojang)


  • Receive an invite from an Xbox One player.
  • Accept invite using the Xbox overlay on PC (WIN + G)
  • You will receive an error message saying "This invitation is no longer valid" click "OK".
  • Click "Switch Hero" and select the hero you want to use.
  • Click change skin, and then click done.
  • You will be loaded into a game with your friend(s) on Xbox One.

Remember this is not an official feature and could be patched out at a moments notice, so try and enjoy it while you can and we will keep you updated with official cross-play as we get more information.