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New 2D Mario Revealed At Nintendo Direct

The rumors were-a true!
New 2D Mario Revealed At Nintendo Direct

The rumors were true. A new 2D Mario game has been revealed and is releasing later this year. 

Super Mario Wonder was revealed as the final game at the latest Nintendo Direct, launching in October of this year. It promises to be the first new 2D Mario platformer since 2012's New Super Mario Bros U launched, meaning this is the first 2D Mario title in 11 years. The game is launching on October 20th, 2023. 

The trailer shows off a new art style, featuring Mario in what is an extremely trippy environment (which is rather fitting, considering the number of mushrooms Mario has done over the years). The trailer also revealed new power-ups such as the Wonder Flower, which changes the way that the world works, and a new power-up that just turns Mario into an Elephant.  

The trailer confirmed that it'll have a co-op in which players can play as Mario, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and Yoshi, in addition to Luigi and Toad. More news is confirmed to be coming later this year, so we can likely expect a Mario-focused direct before the game releases, especially with the sheer amount of games that the character is getting.