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Nier: Automata Director Teases Potential Sequel At London Concert

Nier: Automata director Yoko Taro made a rare appearance at a Nier concert, alluding to a possible sequel almost seven years following its release.
Nier: Automata Director Teases Potential Sequel At London Concert
(Picture: PlatinumGames / Square Enix)

Nier fans may not have to wait much longer for the next entry in the acclaimed action RPG series, as a recent event teased a potential sequel. Attendees at a Nier concert in London were treated to a rare appearance by its game director, Yoko Taro, who appeared on stage alluding to a sequel to the 2017 release Nier: Automata.

It has been nearly seven years since the game's release, and not much was reported or confirmed if Square Enix was considering plans to continue its story. It's unclear whether Taro was encouraging the publisher to listen to the fans and approve a sequel or one might be on the way.

As discussed in a Resetera thread recently, one user addressed the game's success, for which many commentators noted that no confirmed news on a follow-up was even mentioned by Taro nor the publisher, Square Enix. According to one commentator, they stated that Taro took to the stage towards the end of a Nier concert, for which he revealed that Square Enix's president was among the concert attendees.

nier automata news yoko taro tease possible sequel nier concert london
Game director Yoko Taro may have teased a potential sequel to Nier: Automata almost seven years following its release. (Picture: PlatinumGames / Square Enix)

Taro prompted a question to the attendees that if they wished to see "an Automata sequel," they should "give the loudest applause of the night," which they did. It was also mentioned that it's unclear if Taro was teasing that a sequel is in the works or whether Square Enix has yet to give Taro and his team the thumbs up to move forward with production.

Series producer Yosuke Saito commented in December 2023 that some "surprises" are being planned for early 2024. "I'm working hard! Will I finally be able to announce something new? Or will I not? Please wait just a little longer," Saito added, according to a translated statement from Gematsu.

Nier: Automata was first released in Japan for the PlayStation 4 in February 2017 before making its way to the West for PC in March 2017 and Xbox One in June 2018. A Nintendo Switch port arrived in October 2022 before its release, a spin-off game for mobile devices in 2021. As of February 2024, Nier: Automata has sold more than eight million copies, which excludes sales of its prequel, Nier Replicant, according to an official Twitter post this month.