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Nioh 2: What is the fat rolling cat and how to use it

You are not sure what is that cute little rolling cat in Nioh 2? They are actually quite useful! Here's why.
Nioh 2: What is the fat rolling cat and how to use it

The world of Nioh 2 is a world full of mysterious creatures inspired by the ancient and rich Japanese mythology.

Amongst many hideous and terrifying monsters which you will have to fight, like the snake boss Yatsu-no-Kami, there are also some which are not so scary.

In fact, some are so cute that you will feel the urge to instantly pet them, like those strange little fat and puffy cats that are rolling around. But what are those? And are they useful?

And should you pet them? Absolutely!

As you probably know, Nioh is inspired by Dark Souls and when it comes to the game's difficulty, which has no "easy" mode, it is quite faithful to the series it was inspired with.

Fighting in this game is hard, and this little bizarre furball is your friend which can be quite helpful in battles.

What are fat rolling cats in Nioh 2?

what is fat rolling cat nioh 2
(Picture: Team Ninja)

The creature that resembles a fat cat is a Scampuss, a friendly Yokai.

When one of these little critters appears near to you, you should pet it, and it will start to follow you.

At first, it appears that the little fella is simply there to be adorable, but there's much more hiding beneath its cuteness.

With Nioh 2, the developers added mechanics of summoning companions which will fight with you and help you in the battle, and these rolling ball of fur will do exactly that.

They will follow you even in the battle, and when the combat starts, they will show their usefulness.

Once the enemy is there, they will start doing continuous damage to them by circling around them and attacking their feet. As they are doing damage, they will slowly start to grow until they disappear.

Additionally, the Scampuss provides a slight buff to Yokai force generation( the purple bar) as well as a buff to Anima generation.

Here you can see all Scampuss locations in Nioh 2 so that you know where to find them before some particularly nasty battles.

And there you have it! These little adorable cats are not just utterly cute, but also quite useful!

Have fun playing Nioh 2 and don't forget to pet the Scampuss!