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NYC Game Studios Must Now List “Good Faith” Salary Ranges

Video game companies based in New York, like behemoths Epic Games and Rockstar, must post salary ranges per a new transparency law.
NYC Game Studios Must Now List “Good Faith” Salary Ranges

Per a report by Axios, New York-based video game companies are now required to disclose salary ranges regarding various game development and publishing positions. This disclosure is linked to New York City's new transparency law that requires video game companies based in the area with four or more employees to post "good faith" salary ranges.

This law affects some of the most prevalent and widely-known video game companies, such as Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive, Epic Games, and even Amazon-owned Livestreaming platform, Twitch. Accordingly, here's what some positions will likely earn you if you work for these companies in New York City, United States.

Rockstar Games 

  • Product Lead position for the Rockstar Games Launcher will earn between $163,000 to $184,000.
  • Voice-over Director position will earn $123,000 to $144,000.
  • Physics Programmer position will earn $121,000 to $142,000.
  • Cheat Software Analyst position will earn $103,000 to $120,000.
  • Associate Dialogue Designer position for open-world games will earn $50,000 to $57,000.

Take-Two Interactive

  • Senior Systems Engineer role for its Ghost Story Games Studio will earn $121,000 to $142,000.
  • Director of People Operations role will earn $170,000 to $198,000.
  • Director of Marketing for Private Division Label role will earn $170,000 to $198,000.
new york city video game companies "good faith" salary ranges
New York City-based video game companies must disclose "good faith" salary ranges by law. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Epic Games

  • Operations Manager for Content Policy and Escalations position will earn $159,000 to $206,000.
  • Senior Product Manager on Unreal Engine position will earn $187,000 to $242,000.


  • Measurement Leader role will earn $77,000 to $114,000.


  • Part-time Game Demo Runner at Events position will earn $15 per hour, plus overtime.


  • Developer Advocate role will earn $145,000 to $195,000.
  • Software Engineer for Proactive Safety will earn $158,000 to $214,000.

New York City's transparency law allows individuals to estimate their value and income regarding video game companies hiring people based in that area. This transparency, or "good faith" salary range information, helps people navigate the uneasy and uncertain benefits that these companies will provide with the position.

In other countries or regions in the U.S., where laws like this aren't mandated or created, most video game companies seem to keep vital information about their pay ranges hidden. However, with similar transparency laws going public across California and Washington state later this year, the "good faith" changes might inspire other countries to adopt similar regulations. That said, only time will tell.

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Featured image courtesy of Unsplash and Wikimedia Commons.