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Path of Exile Sentinel - Release date, gameplay, and features

Path of Exile is receiving a new league, Sentinel, in May that will bring new content and improvements to the game.
Path of Exile Sentinel - Release date, gameplay, and features

Path of Exile is receiving the next league called Sentinel as Siege of the Atlas comes to an end. Path of Exile is a free-to-play action role-playing game with multi-massive multiplayer features developed by Grinding Gear Games.

The next expansion will bring tons of updates to the game such as endgame improvements and new content. However, Grinding Gears Games has held back a lot of information in anticipation of the live reveal of Sentinel.

Path of Exile Sentinel - Release Date

Path of Exile Sentinel release date coming soon
Players can watch the Path of Exile live stream on Twitch to learn more about the new game additions and changes. (Picture: Grinding Gears Games)

Path of Exile Sentinel will be available to players on PC on 13th May 2022 while it will be available for consoles on 18th May 2022. Path of Exile is already available for Xbox One, PS4, macOS, and Windows.

There will be a live stream on 5th May 2022 on Twitch that will showcase the new expansion as well as drop items for viewers. Players will be able to receive the Rapture Wings while watching the live stream.

Path of Exile Sentinel - Gameplay

Path of Exile Sentinel Gameplay
Teaser photos have revealed that a new NPC might be helping you through the new content in Path of Exile Sentinel. (Picture: Grinding Gears Games)

Path of Exile is an action RPG where players collect gear and improve their characters to fight through hordes of eldritch monsters. Players can play as one of seven character classes that each have various abilities and rely on different attributes to succeed.

Characters can reach a max level of 100, but the endgame material can be accessed after the main story quest is completed. Weapons and armor are found along the journey to help you conquer your quests.

Path of Exile Sentinel - Features

Only a few of the new features have been released on Path of Exile Sentinel. The teaser video has revealed that an NPC will be aiding you in Sentinel as it follows behind you. There are no details on what this new NPC will be doing, but the video reveals the NPC attacking enemies.

It’s been confirmed that the PC will now be compatible with a controller. More Path of Exile Sentinel content will be revealed during the 5th May live stream.


Featured image courtesy of Grinding Gears Games.