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PewDiePie's Flight Sim stream gets flooded with stream snipers

As the YouTube star attempts a flight from England to Sweden, those watching his stream decide to join in on the fun.
PewDiePie's Flight Sim stream gets flooded with stream snipers

In a recent stream by PewDiePie, the King of YouTube, the streamer attempted to make a successful flight from England to Sweden in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. Streaming live to 75,000 viewers, there was always a chance that players might come and join the live server, but it seems that dozens of players attempted to get in on the action.

Setting off at Shoreham airport, the Swedish YouTuber attempted to make it all the way to Landvetter, Sweden, the airport closest to his original hometown. Unfortunately, the new pilot has a less than ideal start and ends up heading in the exact opposite direction. After eventually getting back on track, PewDiePie finds himself accompanied in the air by a number of fans who were eager to join the YouTuber on his travels.

Thankfully, there’s no way to collide with other players in the air, because a few planes come pretty close to taking down PewDiePie’s plane. The YouTuber does crash a few times of his own during the stream, but at least it can be said that no other players were responsible for the lives lost.

Pewdiepie flight sim stream
(Picture: Pewdiepie)

When hovering over Sweden’s airports, PewDiePie remarks at just how many players are gathering in the area, though how many of them were there due to the streamer’s presence is unclear. It seems likely that a great deal of them were attempting to meet the YouTuber in the air though, judging by his plane’s almost-constant entourage on its journey.

Although he had a fair few attempts at getting his plane to land successfully, PewDiePie wasn’t yet able to control the aircraft enough to touch down with no casualties. Instead, he’ll have to save that for another stream sometime in the future, when he’s got a better grip of how exactly to keep an aeroplane from malfunctioning.