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Redout 2 - Release date, platforms, game modes, more

The sequel to the arcade-style racing game is here! Check out all the details for Redout 2 including release date, platforms, game modes, and more.
Redout 2 - Release date, platforms, game modes, more

After having its initial release date pushed back, the time has finally come for Redout 2 and the excitement is building to an all-time high. Game developers 34BigThings had some final tweaks to make and now after another few weeks of work, the arcade-style racing game is ready for launch.

The anti-gravity gameplay is inspired by multiple classic racing titles and marks the sequel to the ultra-popular 2016 release. For fans of the franchise as well as those looking for a new title to run, check out all the details here for Redout 2 including the release date, platforms, game modes, features, and much more.

Redout 2 release date

Redout 2 release date anti-gravity racing game
Redout 2 will soon be available for anti-gravity racers around the world. (Picture: 34BigThings)

The initial release date was set for 26th May, but three more weeks of adjustments were required, and now Redout 2 will release on 16th June 2022.

The upcoming anti-gravity racing game is set to feature vibrant visuals and futuristic maps, an EDM soundtrack, and speeds over 1,000 km/h! Redout 2 will release on a myriad of platforms to ensure that players of all consoles and devices will be able to enjoy the action.

Redout 2 all platforms available

Redout 2 all platforms racing game
Redout 2 will release to multiple platforms on 16th June 2022. (Picture: 34BigThings)

Players on almost all major platforms can rejoice as it's safe to say Redout 2 isn't exclusive to any one console. On 16th June, Redout 2 will release to the following platforms:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Microsoft Windows
  • PC (via Steam and Epic Games store)

There are a number of new features to take note of, as well as a multitude of game modes for players to experience all types of anti-gravity racing.

Redout 2 game modes and features

Redout 2 game modes and features vehicle customization
Players will be able to customize their vehicles in Redout 2. (Picture: 34BigThings)

The new title will feature a total of six race modes, and they are as follows:

  • Time Attack
  • Race
  • Arena Race
  • Last Man Standing
  • Speed
  • Boss

Redout 2 also boasts a strong list of 72 tracks throughout ten different locations for players to constantly have a new setting to race in. The lobbies will be capable of ultra-exciting action as up to 12 players can race in online multiplayer.

Players also have the opportunity to enjoy an extensive single-player career mode with hundreds of different events. The campaign takes place in the year 2059 in which players compete in the Solar Redout Racing League.

In addition to the multitude of modes, players will be able to customize their vehicles to display a totally unique look. Players will select from 12 different chassis, with the ability to then add propulsors, stabilizers, rudders, intercoolers, flaps, magnets, wings, spoilers, rocket engines, paint, and more.

That's just about all there is to know ahead of the highly-anticipated Redout 2 release. Make sure to check back with us throughout the next few weeks for all your anti-gravity racing needs.

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Featured image courtesy of 34BigThings.