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Returnal: Full list of cheat codes and how to activate

Getting through Returnal might not be too difficult with some extra help.
Returnal: Full list of cheat codes and how to activate

Even though it’s a console title, Returnal still features a small array of cheat codes that have been discovered since its launch a couple of weeks ago. 

While not as extensive as PC-only games like Valheim for instance, Returnal does have some codes that make life easier for the player. However, in order to activate the codes, players need to have some specific hardware. 

If they possess that though, multiple cheat codes open up and can be used freely in Returnal. 

Activating cheat codes in Returnal 

To access the cheat codes, players need to have an external USB keyboard. The standard PlayStation 5 DualSense controller will not be able to activate the console needed to input the cheats. 

Activating cheat codes in Returnal Returnal is a brutal story-driven title for the PS5. (Picture: Housemarque Studios)

If you have a USB keyboard, plug it into one of the ports of the PS5 and then launch Returnal. Once inside of the game, players can hit a series of keys on the keyboard to activate different cheats, which can be seen below along with a description of what they do. 

  • CTRL, Shift, Alt, + 1 or 0: Drop various weapons that are at your weapon proficiency.

  • Shift, CTRL, and 4: Returns the player back to the ship in biome one with HP, weapons and other items.

  • Shift, CRTL, and 8: Returns the player back to the start of biome three with HP and weapons from that run. 

As of the time of writing, these cheats don’t appear to be an intentional part of Returnal. Their only real purpose is to enable players to earn more loot and keep their weapons from a specific run. These were likely dev commands for the game’s development, which aren’t usually intended for the public.

So if you’re reading this after the time of publication, Housemarque Studios very well could have patched out the cheats. However, as of now, players can still access them as long as they have a USB keyboard.