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Sharp Making Screens For New Unannounced Console

It looks like Sharp is making an LCD screen for a new console.
Sharp Making Screens For New Unannounced Console

Sharp has had a long-standing relationship with Nintendo, suggesting that this LCD screen may be for the successor to the Nintendo Switch.

Via Bloomberg, CEO of Sharp Robert Wu has stated that:

"I can’t comment on any details regarding specific customers. But as to a new gaming console, we’ve been involved in its R&D stage."

Of course, if it is Nintendo then this raises some questions. Nintendo has recently committed to the OLED with the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED, so to go back to an LCD screen would actually be a downgrade for them. It could also be for the rumored PlayStation handheld, a cloud device that would have an LCD touchscreen to remotely play PS5 games. 

Sharp themselves have declined to say who exactly their customer is, so we can't say anything for sure right now. What we do know is that Sharp has been involved in the product since the research and development stages and that they're gearing up to deliver the LCD screens themselves, thanks to the recent Sharp financial briefing.