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Silent Hills to be revived on PS5 with Hideo Kojima, claims rumour

Following previous speculation, a new rumour has claimed the previously cancelled Silent Hills could be revived with Hideo Kojima back at the helm.
Silent Hills to be revived on PS5 with Hideo Kojima, claims rumour
  • A new rumour claims Sony is hoping to bring back Silent Hills for PS5
  • The revival would be led by Hideo Kojima and has been pitched as a narrative-driven title
  • Konami is believed to be working on a "soft reboot" of the Silent Hill franchise as well

After Konami previously expressed interest in creating new Silent Hill games, it seems one of these projects could be a revival of the cancelled Silent Hills.  

Hideo Kojima and film director Guillermo Del Toro were working on Silent Hills until its cancellation in 2015, following the release of highly-acclaimed demo P.T.  

They both went onto work together on Death Stranding, but the cancellation of Silent Hills has always been a sticking point – and it seems it could be back on the cards. 

According to Rely on Horror, who have a history with reliable rumours, they claim Sony is hoping to help resolve issues between Kojima Productions and Konami to resurrect Silent Hills. 

Silent Hills Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus was revealed to star in Silent Hills, before it was cancelled (Picture: Konami) 

They claim the revival has been pitched to Kojima as a narrative-driven title akin to TellTale Games or Supermassive’s Until Dawn, which would allow him “full creative freedom”. It’s also described as a PS5 title which would utilise a next-generation PlayStation VR headset.  

Importantly, they state this isn’t a done deal yet – claiming the only active Silent Hill game in development is a “soft reboot” of the franchise from Konami which is entirely separate.  

It’s suggested the latter title will see Keiichiro Toyama, writer and director of the original 1999 game, and composer Akira Yamaoka return, with creature designer Masahiro Ito.  

There’s been past hints Kojima is working on a Silent Hill-related title, with photos from the studio showing Pyramid-branded pencils and teasing a future announcement.  Norman Reedus, who starred in the P.T. demo, also recently explained how he's in discussions with Kojima about another project. 

If it does come to fruition and is exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation 5 as they’re hoping, this could be a significant selling point for their next-gen offering – especially as Microsoft look to assemble more exclusive titles for the Xbox Series X to compete.

It's still unclear when Sony is going to reveal the PlayStation 5 on the world, although they could be trying to secure this deal to coincide with their console announcement.