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Get Fun Stakeboarding Game, The Ramp, For Free Right Now

Looking for a no-nonsense and satisfying skateboarding game? Then you shouldn't miss out on picking up The Ramp completely free!
Get Fun Stakeboarding Game, The Ramp, For Free Right Now
Paul Schnepf

There's a shortage of good, fun, and clean skateboarding games out there, which is why we believe PC gamers should definitely consider picking up The Ramp for free!

From indie developer Paul Schnepf and publisher "hyperparadise," The Ramp was released in August 2021 and has seen "Overwhelmingly Positive" reviews on Steam. Here's how you can get it right now!

How To Get The Ramp For Free

The Ramp PC free game skateboarding fanatical
Just chill and skate in this no-nonsense skateboarding experience, free for a limited time! (Picture: hyperparadise)

So we will cut to the chase right now since the freebie offer only runs until 1 December 2023.

You can head to the game's Fanatical page and click "ADD TO CART." You will, of course, need an active Steam account and a Fanatical account; in case you haven't registered for these yet, they are free as well.

Some info to make getting The Ramp for free can be viewed below:

  • You must link a valid Steam account and subscribe to Fanatical email to claim the giveaway.
  • Your Steam account must have been used to make a purchase before.
  • Only one game key per Fanatical account can be claimed.

The entire process takes just a few minutes if you already have a Steam account, which all PC gamers should have, to be honest.

If you claim The Ramp for free before the offer expires, it will be yours to keep and play at your leisure!

What is The Ramp?

The Ramp free fanatical steam how to get freebie pc game
The Ramp is a minimalist and satisfying skateboarding experience. (Picture: hyperparadise)

The Ramp is a small game focusing on satisfying and unique skateboarding gameplay. It is easy to learn and hard to master. There is no story, no unlocks, and no missions; you just play and enjoy!

The Ramp captures the unparalleled feeling of real life vert skateboarding and that’s pretty much it. There is a lot this game doesn’t feature. What it offers you are the 15 minutes of flow that make a boring day great, at the price of a medium sized cinnamon pistachio latte to go.

Check out a trailer for The Ramp below to see what the gameplay looks like. Honestly, I prefer this compared to unlocking new hats or shoes any day of the week.

So there you have it. Just go ahead and grab The Ramp for free before the offer expires. There are no strings attached, and this minimalist skateboarding game really does hit the mark.