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Valve Confirmed Over 500 Games On Steam Grossed More Than $3M In 2023

The PC gaming service Steam reached over 33 million concurrent users, and more than 500 games amassed over $3 million in sales for 2023.
Valve Confirmed Over 500 Games On Steam Grossed More Than $3M In 2023
(Picture: Valve Software)

Valve Software has released its annual report, which extensively covers every aspect of its digital storefront and launcher, Steam. The Steam Annual Summary 2023 reports a recap on all store and feature updates that arrived to Steam, Under-the-Hood Updates, the Steam Deck, and their sales and performance information for the year.

One area that caught the attention of many under the Sales and Performance Data section is the success multiple games have acquired on Steam. The revenue accumulated by these games in one calendar year, including in-game purchases, microtransactions, and DLCs, amounted to over $3 million, which Valve has recognized is double the games from 2018.

As detailed in the Steam Annual Summary 2023 report, Valve Software confirmed that over 500 games, doubled from 2018 "hitting the same threshold," have generated more than $3 million in revenue on the digital storefront. Likewise, we've already stated that all game sales and software, including microtransactions and downloadable content, are attributed to this revenue growth on Steam, which is a first for Valve Software.

The diversity of genres, mechanics, and studios finding success on Steam is another indicator of platform growth. Every month, we publicly track the top 20 new releases by revenue and the top five most-played new release free-to-play titles," the Steam team wrote in the report.

Valve has noted that last year, a quarter of games released on Steam came from developers worldwide who had launched the game on the digital storefront for the first time. Additionally, their seasonal sales contributed to this success as they helped multiple games attain "key revenue milestones," like Steam's Autumn Sale event was an example of boosting overall revenue generated.

Lastly, 2023 saw Steam reach yet another incredible milestone, which various public resources, including Steam Charts, allowed the consumers to gauge which titles were gaining popularity on the platform. As such, Steam confirmed that it has "surpassed 33 million concurrent users" in terms of performance, which is the first time they had reached this milestone.