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The 5 most annoying video game characters EVER

Animal Crossing's Mr. Resetti or GTA 4's Roman? We asked you who is the most annoying video game character of all time - here are the results!
The 5 most annoying video game characters EVER

Characters in video games are usually supposed to bring you joy; they could be the heroic protagonist or the witty sidekick, or a villain so perfectly crafted you can’t help but admire their deviousness.

But some video characters aren’t any of those things, instead, they have poorly written lines, unhelpful scripting or flat out horrendous voice-acting that leaves you wishing you could do like Lara Croft and leave them to go stiff in a freezer.

Just who is the most annoying character in video games is something we asked our viewers recently, and the results were... PTSD inducing frankly, as we had -- until now -- been able to scrub many of these from our memory.

Having said that, there is a certain satisfaction in knowing and some of these characters are so annoying it's funny (we are looking at you Adoring Fan from Oblivion), so if you want to take a nails-on-a-chalkboard look through gaming history then you have come to the right place!

Here are the top five most annoying video game characters of all time.

Handler - Monster Hunter World

Handler is a great pick for the most annoying character in video gaming as, like all annoying people, you have the feeling she (and the developers) didn't exactly mean for her to be this painstaking to be around.

5 most annoying video game characters ever
Between talking up herself, the Handler likes nothing more than eating. (Picture: Capcom)

The reasons for the hatred are many; her personality simply too much to handle when your job is the serious business of slaying dragons.

Some hate her for taking all the credit. All the “we can do it”, but when in reality she is back at base enjoying some of the world’s delicacies. 

Others hate her for her unbridled enthusiasm; again you are out there slaying dragons and other monsters intent on sending you into the afterlife -- it’s dark and dangerous stuff -- and then she chimes in like she’s presenting a kids TV show. READ THE ROOM!

She also has the most cognitive dissonance of every video game character ever, she describes herself early on as an “A-lister” but consistently gets herself into fights she is simply incapable of taking on. Of course, it's you - sorry I should say “we” -- that end up having to rescue her. *SIGH*

Get in the bin.

Roman Bellic - GTA 4

"Niko, it's Roman. Let's go bowling!"

Oh, Roman, we can’t be too tough on GTA 4’s most iconic character - even though he did come out top in our poll and we all know why. Ol’ Roman is like your dad (or uncle in this case) who just got a new phone and wants to make sure it is working correctly -- EXCEPT HE DOES IT EVERY DAY!

And it’s always bowling. Who even goes bowling? Who goes bowling with their nephew? Roman does that’s who! 

But do we really hate him? Or do we love to hate him? We’d argue that Roman -- for all his bowling obsessions -- isn’t even the most annoying character across the GTA franchise, a series that serves up annoying characters -- often deliberately -- at a rate that would make Love Island producers blush.

GTA V, is packed with them - Denise Clinton anyone? Lester Crest? If the prevalent violent crime and general craziness of Los Santos don't have you considering a move, these two certainly would.

Natalya Simonova - GoldenEye 077

Ah, the NPC that you are sworn to protect. Natalya is everything that is wrong with this idea.

annoying video game characters
Natayla was suppose to help in GoldenEye. (Picture: Rare)

You first meet her in Bunker II where both of you are held prisoner, after striking up a typically Bond-esque rapport, Natalya will be in tow with you in several of the following missions putting her skills as a hacker/scientist to good use, and that wouldn’t be so bad except the fact that she seems to die if a gun is even pointed at her, add to that her nasty habit of getting in front of your shot and you have one of flakiest characters in all of gaming. Of course, Natalya dying is game over for you, so keeping this A.I. nuisance alive is of the utmost importance. 

It may well be worth it in the end though, the end credits see James Bond and his Russian hacker friend getting cosy, though we'd suggest to both of them it would probably be easier to use Tinder.

The Adoring Fan from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Becoming the undisputed Grand Champion of the gladiatorial arena should be a career-high for any warrior, but in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion it quickly becomes one of the most frustrating experiences ever thanks to an uber-fan that simply won’t shut up.

annnoying video game characters
The Adoring Fan has to go down as one of the ugliest video game characters of all time. (Picture: Bethesda)

Sporting the most ridiculous haircut/colour combo known to man (if you can’t see the picture it's bright orange and shaped like whipped ice cream), this stan, who goes by the apt name The Adoring Fan, also boasts an equally ridiculous voice.

When you first meet him offers to do anything for you, including carrying your weapon, shining your boots and offering you a backrub…

The Adoring Fan would just be a funny curiosity in the game, and not one of the most annoying things ever if it wasn’t for the fact that he simply doesn’t shut up (we're recognising a trend here…).

You can make him follow you, and follow he does often repeating, “By Azura! By Azura! By Azura!”

Thankfully, he can be killed, with YouTube replete with videos of sending this poor Bosmer to his death.

But don't think that's the end, If the Adoring Fan dies when he is following you, then he'll simply respawn back at the arena and continue to follow you.

Mr. Resetti - Animal Crossing

We have to hand it to the developers for this one, as Mr. Resetti isn’t annoying by happenchance but instead a deliberately frustrating meta-character designed to make you play the game properly.

Mr resetti annoying characters
Mr. Resetti is a mole who simply can't help but burrow himself in your business. (Picture: Nintendo)

If you don’t know Mr. Resetti, he is a mole that appears when you attempt to turn off your Animal Crossing game without saving. Not saving could help you turn back the tide of a disastrous few weeks on the farm, or in other words, reset (get it?) the last few hours of play.

Attempt to turn off your game without saving, and Mr. Resseti will burrow in front of you berating you for taking the loser's way out. The more you reset, the longer the interaction. 

The developers have taken some of the sting out of a Resetti appearance in the most recent Animal Crossing title, in New Horizons he simply offers to auto-save.


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