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The Last of Us 2 leaked gameplay footage shows some interesting new mechanics

Don't worry there are no spoilers.

For the fans of The Last of Us, sometimes it seems like Part II will never come. The game saw several delays by now, and the latest happened just a few days ago. This one hits the hardest because of the word "indefinitely", which means that we don't actually know when it will come out. The Last of Us Part II was originally scheduled to be released on February 21, 2020, but was delayed to May 29, 2020, in October 2019, and now we don't even know the exact date.

Developers at Naughty Dogs assure us that the delay is only due to logistical issues caused by the ongoing outbreak and that the game itself is basically ready and almost finished. Generally, they are very cryptic about the game and don't want to show anything before the game is out, and that's why we saw only a couple of highly scripted gameplay trailers.

But last night, somehow two gameplay videos emerged.

In the first one, we see some horse riding through the snowy area with amazing effects left in the snow from trotting, which kind of reminds us of Red Dead Redemption 2 opening, especially with the casual small talk while riding.


In the second footage, we see Ellie waking up and going through some kind of theatre. The most interesting part is when she starts playing the guitar since it seems that there's a unique and quite elaborate gameplay mechanic for that. It will probably be possible to perform anything on it. 

Someone jokingly asked how long until someone does a full rendition of the "Stairway to heaven" using that mechanic, but that's actually probable something we will see people doing for their Youtube channels - performing various famous songs with a guitar in The Last of Us Part II.

Unfortunately, this second footage with a guitar was removed from Youtube. But you can still see it in the video from Reddit below. It is clear that it was recorded by some game tester, who was quite nervous while he was doing that, for the obvious reasons: he was breaking the NDA in the most severe way possible.


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