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Top 10 best Xbox One games of all time

For anyone who looked at our list of top 10 PS4 games of all time, today we look at the top 10 Xbox One games of all time. The console has always seemed slightly behind its competitor in terms of sales and prestige, but the Xbox One has some fantastic titles in its own right and is still a fun and powerful console.

Let's take a look at the top 10 Xbox One games of all time, according to Metacritic.

10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [91]

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There are five games that have a 91 Metacritic score for Xbox One. As well as The Witcher 3, there's also Overwatch, Forza Horizon 3, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Dead Cells.

What puts The Witcher 3 above the others is its very high user rating; the highest on this list, in fact. At 9.2 this game was a favourite of critics but even more so of the general player base, with many citing it as their favourite game ever made.

9. What Remains of Edith Finch [92]


What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of short stories about a cursed family in Washington State, a narrative adventure game that puts the player through very adult, very real and very raw events, perhaps one of the most human games you will ever play.

That's why critics loved it so much; it became much more than a video game and will go down as very important to the future of narrative-driven video games.

8. Forza Horizon 4 [92]

Xbox's flagship racing exclusive, Forza Horizon, has always been an exceptionally made series of titles, but Forza Horizon 4 takes the cake amongst its contemporaries.

What separated this game from the rest was the open-world play, giving players the option to fully immerse themselves in the world created, as well as keep enjoying Forza in the way they had since the first title in the series released in 2005.

7. Divinity: Original Sin II - Definitive Edition [92]

"Set a thousand years after the first game, Divinity: Original Sin II presents a darker, more grounded narrative and expands on the tactical combat system of its award-winning predecessor."

Divinity: Original Sin II is a fantasy RPG that is celebrated through its deep lore and gameplay that allows players to dive into the world and explore the game like few others do. Players have vast levels of freedom over the direction the story takes, which is what pushes it ahead of so many other console RPGs.

6. INSIDE [93]

From Playdead, the developer behind Limbo, a boy finds himself drawn into the centre of a dark project. The game takes you through all the motions and emotions that you would expect of a game of this nature, but is much more visceral and emotional than you could imagine.

Artistically it is impeccable, but the short length shows it is much more than a game; it is a short story, a film in its own right, that has to be experienced simply for what it is.

5. Resident Evil 2 [93]

The Resident Evil series is storied and successful, the pinnacle of survival horror games as they are in this day and age.

Resident Evil 2 feels like classic Resident Evil without feeling old, which is a huge feat and something other developers and publishers aspire to. It's scary, it's tense, it's full of content, and it makes players feel like it is 1998 again in this gripping remake. Arguably the best Resident Evil game of all time.

4. Celeste [94]

Celeste received universal acclaim from critics when it released in January 2018, a well-designed platformer that constantly challenges the player and doesn't offer any hand-holding or spoon-feeding along the way. It's like an 8-bit Dark Souls. Maybe.

3. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain [95]

One of few games to appear on both the Xbox and Playstation top 10 lists, Kojima Productions redefined the stealth action genre with MGSV, bringing an open-world element to a well-established series of games.

It is arguably the best addition to the Metal Gear Solid series, expanding the franchise into an open-world game, the likes of which have become so popular in recent years. It came at the right time, providing freedom and creativity options unlike any other MGS game.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2 [97]

Also coming in second in the PS4 list, Red Dead Redemption 2 released to critical acclaim in 2018 after the huge success of the first Red Dead title.

The wild-west Rockstar creation is similar to GTA, but stands alone in its incredible world-building and the deep expanse of gameplay available to players.

1. Grand Theft Auto V [97]

Just like its PlayStation 4 counterpart, GTA V comes in as the greatest game on Xbox One. Again it was in close contention with Red Dead Redemption 2, both scoring a 97 Metacritic rating, but users ranked it 7.8/10 as opposed to RDR2's 7.5, just slightly edging it ahead.

So, this begs the question... Is Grand Theft Auto V the greatest game of all time? A bold statement, but definitely one we need to consider.


Written by GINX redaction

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