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Top 5 Untitled Goose Game crossovers we would love to see

All games can benefit from having a horrible goose inserted into them. Here are five of the best possibilities.

It's official. The internet loves a goose. A horrible goose.

There has been fanart and demands that the goose that has captured hearts around the world gets unleashed into virtual worlds beyond its own. From Tamriel to Pandora to a different type of quaint village, fans have imagined the goose in a variety of places.

While every single game could be enriched with their presence, let's look at the top five games that would be improved most by a very special goose.

5. Grand Theft Auto 5

Wacky animals are not a new concept to the world of GTA. The enhanced version of GTA V on PS4, Xbox One and PC allows you to ingest Peyote Planets to experience life in the body of another animals in the singleplayer, while others have developed mods that allow you to play as the animal throughout your otherwise regular story gameplay. These include various dog breeds, chickens, tiger sharks and Bigfoot himself.

Allowing the horrible goose to waddle and honk their way through Los Santos causing chaos without even needing a rocket launcher or a wingful of Shark Cards would be a big step up from the rural English village of the original game. With that said, add said rocket launcher and the fun would increase exponentially.

4. Skyrim

How many of us can say we didn't behave just like a horrible goose during at least one Skyrim playthrough? Putting buckets on the heads of innocent shopkeepers as we pillage their stock, hitting people who have no chance of fighting back and occasionally taking flight into the clear blue sky. Replace the iconic Fus Ro Dah with a simple honk and you have very similar experiences.

The goose isn't going to save the world, but neither does the average player when there is just so much more mischief and adventure to have elsewhere.

With Skyrim's modding scene already adding geese, it wouldn't take much to have this particular goose roaming the Nord's famous Old Kingdom.

3. Assassin's Creed

It shouldn't be too hard for a goose to learn how to swan dive like AltaĂŻr, Ezio and the rest of the Brotherhood of Assassins.

Anyone who has played an Assassin's Creed game knows that sneakiness is the name of the game and the goose knows when to be seen and when to be hidden, such as when stealing slippers.

It might be harder to teach a goose how to say 'requiescat in pace' while using a hidden blade, but a honk would be more than good enough.

2. Fortnite

Considering Epic Games added goose nests temporarily for the 12 Days of Fortnite Christmas challenges, geese certainly exist in the game's universe and the chaos of a battle royale would match the chaotic but calculated actions of Untitled Goose Game's protagonist.

With an avian default skin called Hawk, an ode to the goose could be added to the game in the form of a skin of his, a back bling or emote as the game frequently sees pop culture additions to its Item Shop.

1. Smash Ultimate

The most natural choice for the pesky waterfowl. With so many crossovers within the franchise, this would be the most likely place on the list for the horrible goose to appear.

Beyond honking and snatching items, the moveset of a goose might have some competitive limitations despite some creative thinking by fans. It might be a more viable option to bring the goose into the world of Smash through an Assist Trophy.

Which other games do you think would benefit from some goose antics? Comment below!

Phoebe Dua

Phoebe Dua

Written by GINX redaction

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