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Tribes of Midgard Golden Egg Rune: How to get and what it does

A new co-op survival game from Norsfell Games has caught the imagination but there is plenty of learning to do before you can protect your village from the
Tribes of Midgard Golden Egg Rune: How to get and what it does

What is it about 2021 and Viking games that come out of nowhere and suddenly have the world's attention?

In February we had Valheim and now in the dying embers of July, we have Tribes of Midgard.

The similarities between the two games are there two, both have RPG elements, both are inspired by a more mythological telling of the Viking story, and both set you out into a world with little more than the clothes on your back and the most rudimentary of tools and weapons.

But that is all part of the fun, discovering a new world and how you and your merry (read: pillaging) band use the tools at your disposal to survive.

One of the first discoveries that has players scratching their heads in Tribes of Midgard is around the Golden Egg Rune.

Runes in the game are commonplace, they can help you fast travel, improve your baseline stats, increase your luck when looting and so on.

However, the Golden Egg Rune is different with conflicting views about what it might do or how you can use it.

What does the Golden Egg Rune do in Tribes of Midgard?

What exactly the Golden Egg does is not yet known. The game itself offers up detailed descriptions of every other rune discovered so far in the game, from the most common to those in the legendary bracket, but the Golden Egg is different.

Tribes of Midgard Golden Egg rune
Is the Golden Egg really useless? (Picture: Norsfell Games)

Facts on the ground are scarce about the Golden Egg Rune but here is what we know for definite about what you can do with it.

The Golden Egg can be sold for 200 Souls.

Yip! That is it, so far, for confirmed uses. Souls are of course useful, being that they are the in-game currency used to buy and upgrade weapons, armour and your village but whether this is a great deal or you or selling Rune more useful for a use unknown, has yet to be determined.

Rumours abound about what the Golden Egg's true purpose may be with some claiming that possessing it increases the chance of Roosters of Ragnarok's spawning.

These monsters are a special foe, as they can drop event fragments when defeated.

How to find the Golden Egg Rune in Tribes of Midgard

Finding the Golden Egg is perhaps easier than working out exactly what it does. As you can see in the description above, it is found in the wild and while that is true, it isn't the only way you can get your hands on one.

One way is by defeating enemies. Almost any monster found in Tribes of Midgard can drop a Golden Egg in the floor loot. Kill enough and you will surely come to have one in your possession. 

Golden Egg
Defeating monsters can earn you a Golden Egg Rune. (Picture: Norsfell Games)

A more fool-proof way is by exchanging Golden Horns for a Golden Egg.

To do so, head to the village's Golden Altar with a batch of Golden Horns. Horns are often dropped by Giants and Raid bosses if you don't quite have enough.

Once you do, exchange them for a Golden Egg... and I guess look at it?