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All Upcoming Games 2023: Release Dates, Platforms

Looking for the games you should try in 2023 in the coming months? Here's the updated list of all the games coming this year on PC, mobile, and consoles.
All Upcoming Games 2023: Release Dates, Platforms

Developers release exciting new games almost every week that fans all around the world wait eagerly to get their hands on, and 2022 has been a year full of one of the biggest releases in history, like Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, and more. Now, this must have made you wonder about the games coming that might be the next record-breaking titles. 

Thus, to put end to your search, we have listed all the AAA and indie games coming on all platforms including PC, consoles, and mobile. This list will be updated as soon as a new game is announced or postponed, so make sure to bookmark this page to check out the updated list every time you want. 

All Upcoming Games in 2023

List of all the upcoming games in 2022.
List of all the upcoming games in 2022. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

January 2023

Name Platforms Release Date
Children of Silentown PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, Xbox, macOS January 11
Breakers Collection PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, Xbox January 12
Drago Noka PC, Nintendo January 12
Higan: Eruthyll Android, iOS January 12
Lone Ruin Nintendo, PC January 12
Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider PlayStation, Nintendo, PC January 12
One Piece Odyssey PlayStation, PC, Xbox January 12
Farlanders PC January 17
Surviving the Abyss PC January 17
World Championship Boxing Manager 2 PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, Xbox January 17
A Space for the Unbound PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, Xbox January 19
Aquatico PC January 19
Colossal Cave PlayStation, macOS, PC, Meta Quest January 19
Primal Hunt Meta Quest January 19
Golfie PC January 19
Creature Lab PC January 19
Rain World: Downpour PlayStation, Nintendo, PC January 19
Fire Emblem Engage Nintendo January 20
Forspoken PlayStation, PC January 24
Mahokenshi PC January 24
Roller Drama PlayStation, PC, Xbox January 24
OddBallers PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, Xbox, Luna January 26
Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection PlayStation, Nintendo January 26
Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo January 26
Pizza Tower PC January 26
RE:CALL Xbox, PC, Nintendo January 27
Dead Space PlayStation, PC, Xbox January 27
8-Bit Adventures 2 PC January 31
Season: A Letter to the Future PC, PlayStation January 31
Inkulinati Nintendo, macOS, PC, Xbox January 31
Superfuse PC January 31