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What is BattleCat? Gameplay leaks, release date and more

Ubisoft’s new multiplayer PVP game, BattleCat, features a mix of characters from Splinter Cell, Division and Ghost Recon. Here's what we know so far thanks to some leaks.
Leaks surfaced about an upcoming Ubisoft multiplayer PvP game, entitled BattleCat, that resembles characters and mechanics from the hit franchises - Splinter Cell, Division and Ghost Recon. Well-known data miner Zer0bytes_ has recently posted a few leaked pictures about this upcoming game. Here's what we know so far from the leaked details.

Leaked BattleCat gameplay details

From the series of images, it seems like BattleCat is still in the early stages of development and probably there are very less chances that it will be showcased in the upcoming Ubisoft Forward event which will take place on 12th June this year.

The game mixes the mechanisms from popular series like Splinter Cell, Division and Ghost Recon. From the leaked images, it is evident that Splinter Cell’s Echelon, Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Wolves, and The Division’s Cleaners and Outcasts will be available as playable characters in BattleCat. And not to mention, all these characters will come with the special abilities that they possess in their respective games.

What is Battlecat release date leaked gameplay details ubisoft(Picture: Zer0bytes_)

Leaks also showcase two game modes. The first one is ‘Escort’ where the attackers will try to deliver stuff to a designated location and defenders will try to stop them. The second game mode is ‘Ringleader’ where players will engage in battles to collect rings from fallen opponents.

What is Battlecat release date leaked gameplay details ubisoft(Picture: Zer0bytes_)

It is not the first time when Ubisoft has tried mixing the best characters from their universe. Previously they have done it with Elite Squad mobile game which was a top-down RPG shooter with characters from the popular Ubisoft titles. However, the game did not do well in the community.

BattleCat release date

As the game is in the early stages of development, it does not seem like the game will be released in 2021. However, looking at the leaked details, Ubisoft might be revealing more about this game later this year.

With Ubisoft’s new strategic approach of releasing more premium quality free to play games and the announcement of a bunch of new stuff in The Division series, it was evident that more IPs will follow the pattern. So, the BattleCats leak seems like an interesting one unless Ubisoft can avoid their earlier mistakes.

Once more details, including the release date for BattleCat, becomes available, we will be sure to let our readers know.