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What Time Does Unholy Unlock?

What time can you play Unholy? Here's when it unlocks.
What Time Does Unholy Unlock?

HOOK's Unholy is coming out tomorrow, 20th June, and many fans are excited to get their hands on this brand-new title that features two intriguing parallel worlds and intense horror. Of course, when any new title comes out, players are left wondering what time and date they'll be able to try out the game.

If you're waiting to see what time you'll be able to try out Unholy, you don't have to stay guessing. Let's take a look at what time Unholy unlocks so you can access the game as soon as possible.

What Time Does Unholy Unlock?

Unholy will be available on 20th July 2023. (Picture: HOOK)

Thankfully, fans will now have to wait very long at all to get their hands on Unholy, since the game is coming out on all platforms very soon.

Players will be able to access Unholy on their devices at 11 AM EST on July 20, 2023. Unholy will be available on platforms including PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows via Steam, Xbox Series X and Series S.

There's no way to pre-order the game, so you'll have to purchase it as soon as the game is available for sale at 11 AM on July 20.

Now you know when you'll be able to access and play Unholy. If you can't wait to give Unholy a try, you can download the game's demo from Steam in the meantime; it's entirely free and is available for anyone with a Steam account. Once the game comes out, you'll get to experience the full title.

Unholy Unlock Time Countdown

Time Until Unholy Unlocks On Steam