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Xbox Implementing New Voice Chat Moderation Tools

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Xbox Implementing New Voice Chat Moderation Tools

Xbox is implementing a new moderation tool for Xbox in-game voice chats.

The feature will allow users to record 60-second clips so that they can report any inappropriate voice activity on any online game. This comes following news from the non-profit Take This that seven out of 10 players reported not playing certain series and titles due to the reputation of the community and their own previous experiences with the community. 

According to Microsoft's official blog post on the feature:

"The new reporting experience helps the Xbox Safety Team in their enforcement process, with more context to make decisions that reinforce our Community Standards. Evidence capture empowers each of us to actively support one another, report incidents that are inappropriate, and ultimately provide better protection for all players."

Clips will be saved to an Xbox console for 24 hours before automatically being deleted, and only the player who saved the clip will be able to access it unless they submit it to Xbox.