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How To Get Abyssal Beacon In Warframe

Here's how you can get Abyssal Beacon in Warframe.
How To Get Abyssal Beacon In Warframe
Digital Extremes

Warframe's Abyss of Dagath update has arrived and has brought a new spooky frame for you to purchase or craft. Like other frames and their weapons, you must farm a new resource to resurrect Dagath. In this case, the resource you need is called Vainthrone.

However, before you can start farming Vainthrone in the revamped Extermination mission, you will need another resource to access that mission. This resource is called Abyssal Beacon, and here's how you can get it in Warframe. 

How To Farm Abyssal Beacon In Warframe

Abyssal Beacon is the first step to crafting Dagath. (Picture: Digital Extremes)

You can get Abyssal Beacon by purchasing it from one of the six main Syndicates in Warframe. Simply head over to the Syndicate console on the Orbiter and select your clan to see the items on offer. You will find Abyssal Beacon in here. It requires 5000 Standing, the Syndicate currency of the game. 

And that's pretty much it! Once you have the Abyssal Beacon, open up the map and head to Ceres, where you will find a new Extermination mission called Abyssal Zone. It's the one you want to run to get Vainthrone and craft Dagath. 

If you're relatively new to Warframe and wondering how to access Syndicate, don't worry, we have you covered. The Syndicate console on the Orbiter comes online once you have reached Mastery Rank 3. After that, you must choose one of the 18 Syndicates and complete quests for them to gain 5000 Standing. Once you have built up 5000 Standing, you can purchase Abyssal Beacon.