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How To Get Rolling Guard In Warframe

Here's how you can get the Rolling Guard mod in Warframe.
How To Get Rolling Guard In Warframe
Digital Extremes / Shreyansh

To build a powerful frame in Warframe, you don't just need to max out its abilities and use the right weapon. Equipping the appropriate set of mods is equally important to make the most out of your build.

One of the most useful mods in Warframe is the Rolling Guard. It leverages the game's satisfying dodge mechanic to give you multiple buffs that come in handy, especially in endgame encounters. In this guide, we explain how to get the Rolling Guard mod in Warframe. 

How To Acquire The Rolling Guard Mod In Warframe

You can get the Rolling Guard mod in Warframe by purchasing it from the Arbitration vendor in the Arbiters of Hexis for 20 Vitus Essence. To unlock Arbitration, you must complete all nodes on the Star Chart, including the ones on Zariman. 

Doing so will give you access to Arbitration missions that can drop Vitrus Essence. It's a rare resource that you need to purchase the Rolling Guard mod. 

Once you have gathered 20 Vitus Essence, visit Arbiters of Hexis Syndicate from your ship, and you will find the Arbitration vendor. 

What Does Rolling Guard Mod Do In Warframe?


The Rolling Guard mod makes you invulnerable for a few seconds and removes all Status effects every time you dodge. It has a base cooldown of 7 seconds. While you're invulnerable, you won't take any type of damage from enemies. The invulnerability buff is represented by a gray bar over your health bar and shields, so it should be easy to spot when you are invulnerable.