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Warframe Update Patch Notes (October 2023): Confirmed Changes, and News

Here's everything included in the latest Warframe update and patch notes.
Warframe Update Patch Notes (October 2023): Confirmed Changes, and News
Digital Extremes

Are you looking for the latest Warframe patch notes? If you're here, chances are that Digital Extremes have pushed another game update to add new content or deployed a hotfix to make some adjustments. While Warframe is a good free-to-play title with an incredible community, it's no strange to the problems that plague most modern live-service titles. 

Since these games, including Warframe, are constantly evolving and changing, it's best to keep an eye out for every new patch note to keep yourself updated with the game. 
Warframe, in particular this year, has received numerous hotfixes since the launch of its latest expansion, The Duviri Paradox. It's mostly minor fixes for stuff like missions not being tracked, the new Kullervo Warframe, Duviri nodes, and more. 

Irrespective of whether it's something minor or game-changing, we plan to keep this article updated with all the changes coming to this game. Read on to find out the latest Warframe patch notes. 

20 October 2023 - Page checked for the latest news and information.

All Warframe 2023 Patch Notes

Below you can find the latest patch notes for Warframe in 2023.

Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix 34.0.2


  • Added description of Kullervo’s Bane to the “How To Play” section of the Seven Crimes of Kullervo update screen. 

  • Added new Ordis lines when in the Helminth Room. He really lets you know now how he truly feels about the wall-mounted infestation. 



  • (Already live) Changed the price of the Aumen Kaithe Collection from 190 to 155 Platinum (PSA).  

    • We will be running a script to return the Platinum difference for those who purchased the Collection at its incorrect price. 

  • Adjusted Chroma’s Elemental Ward buffs to account for the Warframe Health, Energy, and Armor stat overhaul that was released with Abyss of Dagath (full details on that in the patch-notes). This was missed in the update and since has allowed for wildly unintentional values.  Since Warframe base stats were increased overall and Elemental Ward scales off of base stats, the following adjustments were made:

    • Heat (Health Buff)

      • Was: 50% / 75% / 100% / 200%

      • Now:  15% / 20% / 30% / 55%

    • Electricity (Shields Buff) 

      • Was: 50% / 65% / 75% / 100% 

      • Now: 10% / 15% / 20% / 30%

    • Cold (Armor Buff) 

      • Was: 25% / 75% / 100% / 150%

    • Now: 25% / 70% / 95% / 145% 

    • NOTE: On paper, it may look as if we’ve nerfed it when comparing the before and after, but it has actually been slightly buffed since it is scaling off of the new increased Warframe base stats. Shields have had a slight reduction in the ability’s earlier rank 0 and 1, but at rank 2 and 3 it has also been marginally increased. To give you a better idea of how this looks, let’s use good ol’ Excalibur as an example: 

      • Before Abyss of Dagath: 

        • Base Health: 100 

        • Health With Elemental Ward Buff (200%): 200

      • After Abyss of Dagath & Today’s Hotfix:  

        • Base Health: 370 

        • With Elemental Ward Buff (55%): 203.5

  • TEMPORARY: Completing Riven challenges will no longer grant Affinity. 

    • This temporary change fixes a bug that caused various issues for Riven Challenges -- allowing them to be infinitely completed, or not completed at all in certain cases. The real fix that preserves this Code so it will come in our next Cert Build. 



  • Fixed Arcane Aegis exclusively triggering when not being attacked instead of when Shields are damaged. As reported here:

  • Fixed Warframe getting stuck auto-meleeing after using Transference to Operator and back while auto-meleeing. Also fixed the retired Void Blast Operator attack returning and being spamming after the same sequence.    This issue is still occurring! We are looking into a follow up fix. 

  • Fixed the enemy armor stripping from Dagath’s Rakhali’s Calvary not applying to Clients view.

  • Fixed case where Hounds would not attack or move if they had any of the new Bond Mods equipped. 

  • Fixed getting some small one-time Affinity popups when first loading into a mission with certain Bond Mods equipped. 

  • Fixed Shedu’s beam damage instances at times quadrupling after battery recharge.  

  • Fixed Eidolon Lures still moving after being commanded to hold position.  

  • Fixed HUD buff for Tenacious Bond not appearing and not removing itself when swapping Companions in the Simulacrum.

  • Fixed Tenacious Bond not taking Hunter Synergy’s +30% Critical Chance-Link  into account. 

  • Fixed multiple of the same Tenacious Bond buffs appearing in the HUD when entering and exiting Archwing as Khora with Venari. 

  • Fixed enemy ships in Railjack missions idly flying around instead of attacking. 

  • Fixed Crew Members not being able to drive the Railjack from the Pilot seat. 

  • Fixed Teshin butting in and overriding the intended Abyssal Zone mission transmission with his Steel Path lines. 

  • Fixed the dots under the Focus Lens icons no longer being visible (to indicate what tier of Lens it is) in the Arsenal.

  • Fixed the Nidus Voidshell Skin Helmet being available to equip when you don’t own the Skin.  

  • Fixed selected UI Theme not applying to the new Update screen. 

  • Fixes towards Clients seeing the Host’s Kaithes from Dagath’s Rakhali’s Cavalry ability being misaligned or sticking to the Host. 

  • Fixed being able to temporarily equip for-purchase UI Themes and Backgrounds that you do not own. 

  • Fixed Grendel Nian Skin’s skirt floating up when equipped on Grendel Prime. 

  • Fixed Zylok Prime reverting to its non-prime model when equipped with a Glaive. 

  • Fixed the Waverider Quest challenge button callouts missing text. 

  • Fixed the volume of one of Ordis’ new lines being too loud. 

  • Fixed repeating Ordis line when entering the Helminth room.

  • Fixed several of the Zariman Decorations not being chat-linkable (there are still some stragglers that we’ll address in future hotfixes). 

  • Fixed Spanish subtitles for Deimos and Leverian lines having numeric markers in square brackets. 

  • Fixed the universal Enemy Radar applying to Conclave - this is a PVE only feature! 

  • Fixed a crash that could occur upon completing challenges (across a variety of sources). 

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when choosing a Quality Preset.  

  • Fixed a script error that could occur when picking up a Defixio in the Abyssal Zone mission. 

  • Fixed a script error that could occur when players die or Clients disconnect during an Abyssal Zone mission. 

  • Fixed a script error when closing the game while you are in Teshin’s Cave. 

  • Fixed script errors in Momentus Bond. 

  • Fixed script errors in Dagath’s Wyrd Scythe and Grave Spirit. 

  • Fixed a script error in the Apostasy Prologue Quest. 

  • Fixed a script error with the Glaive reticle. 

  • Fixed several script errors in Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm. 

  • Fixed a script error in Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage when cast on Railjack. 

  • Fixed a script error in Dagath’s Rakhali’s Calvary.

Abyss of Dagath: Hotfix 34.0.1


  • Removed broken Public Matchmaking functionality from The Steel Path Abyssal Zone mission. The functionality was not intended and resulted in Steel Path players matchmaking with normal mission squads. Abyssal Zone is intended to function like the old Void Key “keyshare” system, where an Abyssal Beacon requires a premade squad and the player who started the mission vote gets their Beacon consumed.

  • Increased sorting priority of Vainthorn so that it appears closer to the top of the End of Mission screen. 

  • Updated Naramon’s abilities with the new game audio mix remaster that was released with Abyss of Dagath. 


Missed Note From Abyss of Dagath: 

  • Updated our Damage Number system to add an exclamation point (!) for every Crit Tier above Super Crits, up to 3 total. Now you'll really be able to tell when you're doing a lot of damage!!!



  • Fixed Thrax and Kuva Lich Candidates getting instantly killed instead of entering their spectral/defeated states when killed by Dagath’s Wyrd Scythes. 

  • Fixed Defixios being able to spawn in an inaccessible location.

  • Fixed Momentous Bond’s bonus damage sometimes not applying correctly for Clients.

  • Fixed Duplex Bond continuing to spawn clones while the Companion is incapacitated.

  • Fixed Zenurik’s Inner Might ability not working at mission start. 

  • Fixed The Business not delivering his new inbox message upon the completion of Saya’s Vigil Quest.

  • Fixed the Flawed Antitoxin Mod being 10k Platinum instead of 10k Credits in the Steel Meridian Surplus. 

    • For those who flexed and spent the downpayment’s amount of Platinum on the Antitoxin Mod, a script has already been run to refund it! 

  • Fixed “[PH] GET ACT BOOSTERS” button and options appearing in the Nightwave screen. As reported here:

    • This was explored internally, but we felt it didn't fit with all the changes we implemented for Nightwave with Abyss of Dagath. We may revisit it one day, but for now, these are outdated ideas that slipped through with the Mainline build. 

  • Fixed not receiving Health via Health Orb pickups from a Dispensary with Repair Dispensary Augment equipped for every Warframe but Khora.

  • Fixed not being able to get close enough to Dagath’s Prex card to pick it up in Dagath’s Hollow Dojo Room.

  • Fixed missing Icon, Art, and description for the Dagath Prex Card. Also fixed not being able to Chatlink it.

  • Fixed Dagath missing her ability showcase videos.

  • Fixed Dagath’s Signature armor piece not auto-equipping on her like other signature armor pieces. 

  • Fixed being unable to equip Grendel’s Voidshell Skin onto Grendel Prime. 

  • Fixed Abyssal Zone showing a placeholder mission name in the Mission Results screen.

  • Fixed Abyssal Beacon icon appearing stretched in its Diorama. 

  • Fixed Tranq Rifle being unequipped from Host after quick meleeing. 

  • Fixed being able to chat link unreleased Weapon Augment Mods planned for the next Nora’s Mix Volume. 

  • Fixed the Acrobat, Marathon, and Quick Rest Stamina Mods appearing in the Steel Meridian Surplus. Stamina is a relic of the past and serves no function in modern day Warframe. 

  • Fixed crash caused by exiting the Arsenal. 

  • Fixed UI disappearing after failing and restarting a side objective Kaithe race in Duviri. 

  • Fixed issues with Zylok Prime’s sound effects when transforming into Incarnon Form.

  • Fixed the sound effects created by Afentis’ alt-fire field being far too loud.  

  • Fixed Jat Kittag in Break Narmer missions missing sound effects for stealth kills. 

  • Fixed issues with Energy pickups counting as negative progress towards spawning another Duplex Bond clone.

  • Fixed Clients seeing two buffs in the HUD for Tenacious Bond if Khora’s Venari and Companion both had it equipped (UI only issue).  

  • Fixed softlock that could occur when trying to abandon Simaris’ daily task screen. 

  • Fixed Nautilus missing its incapacitated animations. 

  • Fixed old despawn VFX occurring when Sentinels revived. 

  • Fixed various Buffs in the Pause menu having [PH] descriptions. 

  • Fixed Transmissions that referenced the player’s Clan Name not playing.

    • This is relevant to a few older Transmissions! As an example, you may hear a reference to your Clan while fighting The Sergeant or Lieutenant Lech Kril. 

  • Fixes towards a crash that could occur when melee enemies attempt to position themselves around a player. 

  • Fixed wrong dialogue playing for Ordis’ lines in the Helminth room. 

  • Fixed a script error that could occur when returning to Open World Hubs with a Companion who has Aerial Bond equipped. 

  • Fixed a script error in Hydroid’s Corroding Barrage Augment Mod. 

  • Fixed a script error caused by Converted Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos transmissions while in The Plains of Eidolon. 

  • Fixed a script error in Hydroid’s Tidal Surge ability. 

  • Fixed several script errors in Dagath’s abilities. 

  • Fixed a script error in Dagath’s Idle Animation set.

  • Fixed several script errors with the new Bond Mods while Null Audit is also equipped. 

  • Fixed a script error when returning to Relay with a Companion that has Tenacious Bond equipped. 

  • Fixed a script error caused by an enemy getting hit by a Companion equipped with Seismic Bond. 

  • Fixed crashes caused by entering the Chrysalith Elevator while in a multiplayer Dormizone session.  

  • Fixed a script error in the Railjack UI. 

  • Fixed several script errors in Cetus. 

  • (Hot Dropped Earlier Today) Fixed getting an error when attempting to send a gift, if the receiving player has no friends.

Abyss of Dagath Update 34 Patch Notes

The patch notes for Abyss of Dagath are too extended to display here, so head to for the full unabridged 77 pages of patch notes.

Gather round and listen well, Tenno: Grandmother is back with another spine-chilling Naberus tale to commemorate the spookiness of the season! Build and enter the new Dagath’s Hollow Dojo Room to learn the sullen and tragic backstory of the faceless horse rider who stalks the Origin System in search of retribution: the terrifying 54th Warframe, Dagath.

A doomed Abyssal Zone Exterminate mission calls for Tenno aid aboard a drifting Galleon. Answer the cry for help and be rewarded for your efforts! Rewards from completing the mission are used to craft Dagath and her signature weapon Dorrclave. 

Grendel Prime Access is also here! Feast your eyes and gain instant access to Grendel Prime, Masseter Prime, Zylok Prime, and his Prime Accessories. 

This update also features heaps of Quality of Life changes, improvements and more covering a wide array of content. Including the Hydroid Rework, Companion Rework, New Player Path Improvements, Accessibility & HUD Improvements, and much more!

As announced in Devstream 173, Cross Platform Play Clans will also be launching in the near future now that Abyss of Dagath is live! A dedicated thread will be posted on launch with all of the details.

Abyss of Dagath is a Mainline Update!

Meaning that everything the team has been working on since the launch of Echoes of Duviri is in this update (with the obvious exception of content that is not ready to be released). It is very likely, as it is with all Mainline updates, that things slip through the cracks so we will be watching for bug reports and feedback in the Dedicated Abyss of Dagath Subforums to address in follow-up Hotfixes.


Looking For Older Warframe Patch Notes?

We try to only keep the most recent patch notes for Warframe and that means wiping older patch notes with every new major update that's released.

If you want to see any older patch notes for the game, we suggest taking a look at the game's website, where there is a complete release log of all updates, patch notes and hotfixes.