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Is Rebirth Island Coming To Warzone Mobile?

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will be centered around classic Warzone map Verdansk, but is Rebirth Island on the way?
Is Rebirth Island Coming To Warzone Mobile?

Warzone Mobile seeks to fill the gap left when the original Warzone was replaced with its sequel, Warzone 2. Despite being a natural progression for the series, Warzone 2 left plenty to be desired, no thanks to what fans effectively dubbed as 'missing features'. For starters, the game didn't feature a Resurgence map at launch, with fan-favorite Rebirth Island nowhere to be found.

Eventually, Activision filled that gap with Ashika Island, a slightly larger Resurgence map than what we're used to. But the sting was still felt, particular thanks to the original Warzone now a shell of its former self. Renamed Warzone Caldera, the original Warzone can only be played by those who originally downloaded the title or who have access to Modern Warfare (2019). To make things worse, only Caldera is available as a playable map. 

But all is not lost. Warzone Mobile is set to allow players to revisit the well-received Verdansk, now optimized for mobile devices. Currently, the game is only available as a limited release in select regions and has yet to be given a US or UK release date. But, prospective players are anxious to learn just what features will be available once the title does roll out globally. Like, will we see Rebirth Island make an appearance?

Is Rebirth Island Coming to Warzone Mobile?

New leaks suggest that Rebirth Island could be a possible addition to Warzone Mobile. (Picture: Activision)

Recent leaks have suggested that Rebirth Island will be making its way into a Call of Duty title soon, it's just unclear whether that be Warzone 2 or Warzone Mobile. Posted by CoD streamer ModernWarzone on Twitter, a dataminer had "found references to Rebirth Island and a night time version of Al Mazrah in the files for Modern Warfare II".

The post then goes on to say that this could be for Warzone Mobile, though it remains unconfirmed. 

Rebirth Island coming to Warzone Mobile makes sense. Given the focus being on features from the original Warzone, such as the core Verdansk map, then adding Rebirth Island as its Resurgence map would be keeping in theme. 

At the time of writing, Activision has yet to make any announcements regarding the return of Rebirth Island. As we move closer towards a global release for Warzone Mobile, perhaps we'll have a better idea of the game's roadmap post-launch.

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