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Xbox Allegedly Suspending Emulator Users

You're going to have to find another way to play older games on your Xbox.
Xbox Allegedly Suspending Emulator Users

As reported by VGC, Xbox has seemingly started suspending any user who uses an emulator in retail mode, along with banning any user who uploads an emulator. 

In the past, Xbox owners have been able to download emulators onto the console in order to emulate older titles as long as they had the necessary ROMs or ISOs. However, Microsoft has seemingly started punishing any users emulating games through retail emulation after attempting to stop retail users from running emulators previously.

As tweeted by HikikomoriMedia, 15-day suspensions are currently being handed out to anybody who uses an emulator in retail mode, with developers being told that they should delete any emulators on their consoles.

In a screenshot provided by the account, they also reveal that anybody uploading emulators that work in retail mode is being completely banned by Microsoft themselves, meaning that you put yourself at risk if you decide to upload any emulator to the Xbox platform or to the Microsoft Store itself.

Users have been using the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S as a method of emulating games that would require higher-end PC hardware since launch, but with that coming to an end now, they'll have to find a different method of doing so.