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7 Days Blood Moons Game: What Is It and When Will It Release?

Here's everything you need to know about '7 Days: Blood Moons', a spinoff of the popular 7 Days To Die survival horror game.
7 Days Blood Moons Game: What Is It and When Will It Release?

There's a new asymmetrical 7 Days to Die game in the works called 7 Days: Blood Moons, and fans are eager to hear more about this mysterious title. It was announced at TwitchCon 2023, and little information has been heard from developers since - but that will change soon. Here's everything you need to know about 7 Days Blood Moons, including its potential release date and more.

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What Is The Fun Pimps '7 Days: Blood Moons' Game?

7 Days: Blood Moons is a 4v1 asymmetrical title set in the 7 Days to Die universe.

According to Redditor gregscottbailey, who first revealed information about the upcoming game after it was announced at TwitchCon 2023, it's a "condensed 1 versus 4 zombie hive master scenario" and will feature a collaboration with Illogika Studios.

"I personally haven't played Dead by Daylight, but format-wise I can see everyone thinking of that game when we go from the description I was trying to relay," he wrote.

So far, developers have only confirmed that the game will be available on PC; no word on consoles quite yet.

Update - A few more details have been revealed at PAX East in as per the booth description, which reads:

"Join us for a hands-on play session of our new game, '7 Days Blood Moons,' that features a unique blend of Action and RTS elements developed in collaboration with iLLOGIKA Studio."

When Will '7 Days: Blood Moons' Release?

pax east 7 days to die blood moons
Players will be able to hear more about Blood Moons, and play it, at PAX East. (Picture: The Fun Pimps)

For now, there is no official release date for 7 Days: Blood Moons. It's likely, though, that the game will come out sometime in mid-to-late 2024, or perhaps in early 2025.

While there isn't a release date for the game yet, players will get to learn more at PAX East, where playable demos will be available for the game (possibly for the first time?). Players will also be able to try out the 7 Days to Die Apocalypse Edition - which is a new console version of the game coming to both PlayStation and Xbox - at the event.

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