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7 Days to Die: How To Get Honey

Honey heals you up in 7 Days to Die; here's how to get it.
7 Days to Die: How To Get Honey
(Picture: The Fun Pimps/Vedui42)

Honey is an important resource in 7 Days to Die, and can either be used directly or used to help craft items that'll help you stay alive. Whether you're a beginner or well into your survival, you'll definitely need Honey. However, you might have some trouble finding the Honey you need to craft necessary items. Here's how to get honey in 7 Days to Die so you can find and use this useful item.

7 Days to Die: How To Get Honey

honey looting
Players can get Honey from looting certain areas. (Picture: The Fun Pimps)

Honey can be found with medical supplies in 7 Days to Die; it's classed as a medicine rather than a food. Therefore, you can find Honey in any area where you might be able to find things to help heal yourself. You have a chance of finding honey in Medical Supplies, Ambulances, Medicine Cabinets, and other locations. 

Since Honey isn't technically a food in 7 Days to Die, you can't farm it; instead, you'll have to keep your hopes high that you'll find some when you loot medical supplies. It's not incredibly rare, but the amount you get is based entirely on the RNG of your map and world seed.

7 Days to Die: How To Use Honey

There are multiple ways to use Honey in 7 Days to Die. The first is to simply consume it directly and on its own. Consuming Honey will net you the following benefits:

  • +8 Fullness
  • +8 Maximum Stamina
  • +2 Health
  • -5% Infection
  • Cures Infection at 0%

Honey can also be used to craft Grandpa's Awesome Sauce, though you'll need multiple Jars of Honey (5, to be exact). Generally, it's best to consume Honey on its own thanks to its myriad of benefits, unless you really need the boost to Bartending that Grandpa's Awesome Sauce provides.

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