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Simple Beginner Tips For 7 Days to Die

Getting started in 7 Days to Die can be tough, so here's some beginner's tips.
Simple Beginner Tips For 7 Days to Die
GINX / The Fun Pimps

Getting started in 7 Days to Die can be the toughest part of your journey, as you attempt to find your footing, get enough items to sustain yourself, and fight enemies with minimal resources. You'll need time and experience to build yourself a place to keep yourself safe, and avoid dying out in the wilderness.

Here are the best beginner's tips for getting started in 7 Days to Die.

7 days to die tips
Getting started in 7 Days to Die requires a good strategy from the get-go. (Picture: The Fun Pimps)

The Best Beginner's Tips For 7 Days to Die:

Craft Beginner's Items Quickly

As you get started in 7 Days to Die, you'll be faced with lots of threats almost right off the bat. To help protect yourself from the Zombies, as well as to help you gather more resources to protect yourself, you'll want to get your hands on an Axe and Bow as early as you can.

To craft them, grab some Small Stones, Wood, and Plant Fibers; you can get them from the ground, from trees, and from grass respectively. Stock up on these resources while you can, since they'll remain useful later as you craft stronger items and grow your shelter.

Take Advantage Of Early Game

As we mentioned, you'll be faced with lots of threats in 7 Days to Die when you start out, but you'll have a bit of a safe period any time you join a server. This gives you time to establish yourself and get ready to fight the bigger hordes of Zombies that are to come. Use the early-game safe time to gather resources, as well as to craft a beginner weapon and then ideally a better one.

Use Up Existing Resources Around The Map

While you'll need to craft lots of new things yourself as you establish yourself in 7 Days to Die, don't forget to take advantage of what already exists around the map. If you come across established shelters, you may be able to loot them for lots of great items to help you on your journey. This can save you a lot of time scavenging, and give you access to items you wouldn't be able to craft otherwise.

Pay Attention To The Time

It's a lot more dangerous to go out at night, since Zombies tend to spawn much more often, and in hordes, during this time. Paying attention to the time is always important, but especially when you're starting out. You'll want to stay hidden during the night - or better yet, stay in your shelter, and carry out activities like scavenging and building during the day.

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