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How To Kill Zombies In 7 Days To Die

Killing zombies is key to survival in 7 Days to Die.
How To Kill Zombies In 7 Days To Die
(Picture: The Fun Pimps)

How To Effectively Kill Zombies

In 7 Days to Die, you'll need to get water and food to sustain yourself - but you'll also have to fight off zombies at the exact same time. So how do you kill zombies to protect yourself and stay alive? There are two ways: using ranged weapons, and using melee weapons. While both types are efficient ways to take out your foes, which one you should choose depends on your in-game situation.

Using Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons like the Primitive Bow and upgraded bows are a good pick for taking out zombies from a distance, and when you don't want to risk getting up close. When using ranged weapons, it's important to try to land headshots as often as possible, since this will instantly take out the enemy. Using ranged weapons is a lot more straightforward than melee ones, which require a totally different approach.

primitive bow
The Primitive Bow is one of many ranged weapons available to you in 7 Days to Die, and a good beginners' pick. (Picture: The Fun Pimps)

Using Melee Weapons

Using melee weapons is often a little more difficult than ranged ones, since being up close and personal with zombies can easily get you hit. This means that choosing a good melee weapon is critical; go with the Chainsaw or the Sledgehammer. Chainsaws can easily take out groups of enemies, but will eventually need to be repaired.

Sledgehammers aren't quite so prone to falling apart, but with the Sledgehammer, you'll have to run up to Zombies and hit them repeatedly; if you land a hit on the head, you'll only need to hit them once. Melee weapons require a little more agility and strategy than most ranged ones, so be careful if you take this approach.

While zombies can impede your progress in 7 Days to Die, it's thankfully possible to take them out using the weapons available to you in the game. Remember to assess each situation as it comes in the game, and use whatever weapons are best for each situation. It's best to have a couple of weapons on hand so you can access what you need at any given moment, and never leave yourself vulnerable to hordes of the undead.

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