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Advertising Sales

Launched in August 2008, GINX Esports TV is the largest esports TV network in the world, with a technical reach of over 45 million households. Our multimedia platforms extend beyond that reach to Amazon Fire, Roku and Twitch, along with our website, mobile apps and social media pages. We operate 6 channel advertising windows: UK, France, Canada, South Africa, Italy and International and offer localised partnerships on any number or all of those feeds. Generally, Ginx airtime is sold on a cost per spot basis and often serves as a reach-building tool for our clients. Because our programming is subject to stringent TV regulations, Ginx offers brands a safe haven in esports. Our fast-growing online reach, combined with TV represents a compelling mainstream, youthful entry point into esports. For more details:

Media 15

contact: Dominic Matterson, Director

3rd Fl, 52-53 Margaret Street London W1W 8SQ


Sky Media

contact: Patrizia Silvestre


DSTV Media Sales

contact: ginx advertising enquiries