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Aloft: Where To Find The Campfire Blueprint

Use the knowledge gained to build a Campfire, which, when fed with Charcoal, allows players to cook delicious meals over the flames in Aloft.
Aloft: Where To Find The Campfire Blueprint
(Picture: Astrolabe Interactive / Ashleigh Klein)

Astrolabe Interactive's co-op sandbox survival game Aloft is currently available in its Alpha state with a live demo for PC via Steam. Many players are jumping into this open-world environment to turn an island into a Skyship to explore other floating islands, so they'll need to set up camp by building a base they can call home.

This includes building a farming plot to grow fresh produce, which, when harvested, can be used to cook delicious meals over a Campfire. For players looking to learn how to get a blueprint for a Campfire, we've detailed this and how to use it for Aloft.

How To Find The Campfire Blueprint In Aloft?

Aloft has a robust crafting system allows players to craft various items, workstations, housing components, and consumables using resources collected and foraged across the floating islands. At the start of the game and once dropped onto the starting island, players are given ample time to explore and forage resources that can be used in crafting, but there is also knowledge to be learned when finding Knowledge Stones across the islands.

As players can craft a number of workstations and other Machinery from the Workbench Station or within the Building system, the Campfire is one of the most valuable items to be crafted, but to build a Campfire, a blueprint must be discovered. The blueprint for the Campfire can be found relatively early in-game, specifically on the starting island if they know where exactly to look as it's hiding in plain sight.

Once they've exited the cave when starting the game, they can make their way out into the open field area. There, they can see a stoned entrance leading up the mountain. Slightly to its right is a waterfall, and to the left side is a pathway leading up to a floating rock, which, following this pathway, will lead them straight to a Knowledge Stone.

Interact with this stone to gain the knowledge of how to craft the Campfire, as they can access its blueprint by bringing up the Building system menu by hitting the B key on the keyboard. Under the Farming tab, they'll find the Campfire, which requires five pieces of Wood, six Stones, and three pieces of Charcoal to craft; all these resources can easily be found on the starting island.

Once crafted, they can place the Campfire anywhere they choose and use it in multiple ways; however, it appears it cannot be used to remove the Wet status effect. Firstly, to properly use the Campfire, one piece of Charcoal must be used to light it up and feed the flames.

They can use the Campfire to cook various consumables for which they can learn these recipes by combining various resources together from their Inventory. They require the ingredients to be placed on a Cooking Plate before they can be placed on the Campfire, for which we highly advise players to try as many combinations as possible to gain recipes.