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Aloft: Where To Find The Workbench Station Blueprint

Aloft features quite a robust crafting system, but to make items and components, they must seek knowledge to get the Workbench blueprint.
Aloft: Where To Find The Workbench Station Blueprint
(Picture: Astrolabe Interactive / Ashleigh Klein)

Crafting is one of the key features in the co-op sandbox survival game Aloft, which lets players make items, tools, consumables, and components for their home and Airship. They can start crafting fairly early in-game, and while the game doesn't quite explain how to achieve this, it does require them to seek out some knowledge.

Before they can begin crafting, they must have a Workbench Station, the blueprint for which can be found quite near their starting house. We've carefully explained how to get the Workbench Station blueprint to make the bench and get crafting in Aloft.

How To Find The Workbench Station Blueprint In Aloft?

After creating their character and a new world for said character, they'll drop into the game, which begins the tutorial for Aloft. This section of the game gives them a series of objectives to complete, introducing them to various in-game mechanics and features, including crafting.

To be able to start crafting in Aloft, which will help them complete subsequent tutorial objectives, they are to find a specific Knowledge Stone, which can be found after exiting the cave when starting the game. After reaching the open field area from the cave, look for a waterfall to the right side and move in that direction from which they can spot a cliff and a Knowledge Stone placed on the edge of the cliff's peak.

They'll need to find a way to reach this Knowledge Stone, where they can follow a path amongst the trees beside the waterfall and see a dilapidated house. Take the path on the right in front of the house before climbing or jumping atop the rocks on their right side until they reach the top, where they can find this Knowledge Stone.

Gain the knowledge and learn the blueprint for the Workbench Station by interacting with the Knowledge Stone. (Picture: Astrolabe Interactive / Ashleigh Klein)

Interact with it, which states, "our most valuable resource, creativity, was truly limitless," where learning will give them the blueprint for the Workbench Station. Crafting it is relatively straightforward, but they will need five pieces of Wood to craft the station, which can be done by hitting the B key on their keyboard.

They can forage Wood by searching through shrubs, picking up wooden planks on the ground, and grabbing tree branches off trees, but there's another solution. In front of the house is a tree stump with an axe stuck on it, which they can pick up and use to chop down trees and the logs to get Wood to use in crafting the Workbench.

With the Wood within their Inventory, they can access the Building menu and select the Workbench under the Machinery tab. Click on this selection, and they'll enter a placement mode, and they can place it near or inside the house, which, once done, interact with it to start combining resources to learn new blueprints or recipes used for crafting.