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Aloft: Where To Find & Use The Glider

Follow the path to learn some knowledge on how players can get the blueprint and craft a Glider used for their aerial adventures in Aloft.
Aloft: Where To Find & Use The Glider
(Picture: Astrolabe Interactive)

Players' aerial adventures in Aloft begin with exploring and progressing the game's tutorial to seek answers on how they can fly. This starts with finding a blueprint to help them craft a Glider that can be equipped for their character.

Finding the blueprint isn't as clear-cut, especially given the objective they must complete beforehand, but once they have a Glider, it's all smooth sailing from there. This guide will detail how players can acquire a specific blueprint, which will help them craft and use the Glider in Aloft.

How To Find & Use The Glider In Aloft?

The Glider is one of the first gear items players can obtain when exploring the starting floating island in Aloft. They'll start with the Introduction or tutorial, which helps them get acquainted with the open-world environment and guides them through the gameplay mechanics and features available in-game.

The path that leads to the mountaintop starts at this entrance in the tutorial area of the starting island. (Picture: Astrolabe Interactive / Ashleigh Klein)

They must progress with this tutorial, as this is how they'll be able to unlock the Gloider before they can craft it. The tutorial will give them a batch of objectives to progress with as they explore the starting island, but the one to pay attention to will ask them to follow the path leading up the mountain for which they can find a structure at the top.

Interact with this structure, which depicts people on floating islands with their arms raised to a figure in the sky wearing wings for which a cutscene will play. Once the cutscene ends, they will have successfully learned the Glider Stand Workbench, which they can access by hitting the B key on the keyboard and browsing through the options available.

The Glider Stand can be found under the Machinery tab. It requires five pieces of Wood to craft. Wood is dropped when harvesting trees using an Axe, but in the opening section of the starting island, players can forage Wood from shrubs and pick sticks and branches from trees until they can get an Axe.

Once they've collected enough Wood, head into the Building menu, find the Glider Stand as outlined previously, and select it before they can place the workbench anywhere on the island. Once placed, they've built the Glider Stand, which interacting with will bring up its menu, and they can click on an empty slot to start crafting a Glider.

They will start with two blueprints or recipes already available, the Basic Oculus and the Leaf Glider, and various cosmetic options of how the Glider will look, including its pattern and color palettes. However, they will need a few more resources like Leaf Cloth, which the latter can be crafted at their Workbench before crafting Leaf Cloth from the Leaves foraged before hitting the "Craft" button to craft their first Glider.

The Glider can now be deployed once equipped by hitting the E key before exiting the Glider Stand Workbench and using it, which they must hit the Space Bar to deploy; the Shift key and left mouse button will give the Glider a boost and slow it down for landing, use the CTRL key and the right mouse button. For control or direction, the W and S keys are to Pitch and the A and D keys to Yaw, for which they've successfully learned how to use the Glider, which will take some time to master, in Aloft.