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Blacksmiths on YouTube create real-life Among Us Imposter Blade

Among Us is one of the most popular gaming titles on the market today and boasts a wide range of fans. Apparently, some of these fans are blacksmiths, who went showed their fandom by creating a real Imposter Blade.
Blacksmiths on YouTube create real-life Among Us Imposter Blade

The popularity of the Among Us simply keeps soaring with every passing week. Developer InnerSloth has created something that has truly engrossed the gaming community during a turbulent year. With the help of high-profile streamers, Among Us now has thousands, and sometimes millions, of daily players and the community is still growing. 

Like with any new, popular game, the freshly formed community is superbly passionate about Among Us. While a hacking scare derailed the smooth-sailing nature of the game so far, that hasn't stopped fans from playing and even showing off their fandom in unique ways. 

However, perhaps the most unique way we've seen is a real-life Imposter Blade forged by blacksmiths on YouTube. 

The real-life Imposter Blade from Among Us

If you're unaware, the Imposter Blade is the sword that can be seen whenever you're killed by an Imposter in Among Us. While simple in design, fans hate seeing it on their screen, as it means they've been eliminated. 

Among Us imposter bladeThe Imposter Blade has become one of the many symbols for Among Us over the past few months. (Picture: InnerSloth)

The Blade isn't the most popular aspect of the game, that would be the blob-looking characters themselves, but nevertheless, fans of the game immediately know whenever they see an Imposter Blade. 

However, fans have never quite seen the sword like a recent YouTube video showcased.

'The Works' YouTube channel specializes in creating fictional pieces of weaponry. Their latest task? Forging the Among Us Imposter Blade. 

The blacksmiths featured on the channel did an outstanding job with the forgery. Getting the curves on the blade correct was especially amazing, as it made it look exactly like the in-game blade. 

The job itself took hours to complete and the community has rewarded them in kind, sharing the video around social media. Previously known for creating Gandolf's sword, Glamdring, from Lord of the Rings, it's safe to say The Works are now known for this impressive Imposter Blade look-a-like.