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Is Goose Goose Duck like Among Us?

Is Goose Goose Duck just like Among Us? Are the two games in any way similar? Let's go over the answer to those questions.
Is Goose Goose Duck like Among Us?

Goose Goose Duck recently blew up on Steam, with tens of thousands of players logging on to try the game all at once after BTS's V played it on his stream. Many new players to the game have noticed glaring similarities to another previously popular game called Among Us, which most people no doubt remember.

If you're wondering whether Goose Goose Duck is just like Among us, let's answer your question and go over how the two games are similar and where they differ.

Is Goose Goose Duck Like Among Us?

goose goose duck
Goose Goose Duck is very similar to Among Us. (Picture: Gaggle Studios, Inc.)

Yes, Goose Goose Duck is a lot like Among Us, with the games sharing very similar gameplay. In Among Us, a team of crewmates must attempt to seek out the impostor in their group through verbal sleuthing and observing teammates as they complete tasks. In Goose Goose Duck, the gameplay premise is extremely similar, but the Geese must instead find the Ducks.

Goose Goose Duck is a refreshing and silly take on Among Us, offering similar mafia-style gameplay with a less serious premise.

Goose Goose Duck Vs Among Us

goose goose duck among us similarity
Goose Goose Duck differs from Among Us in some ways. (Picture: InnerSloth LLC)

While there are numerous similarities between Goose Goose Duck and Among Us - with both games having almost identical gameplay - there are also several differences between the two games. 

For one, each Goose Goose Duck game allows up to 16 players to join the lobby, while Among Us allows a maximum of 15. (Only ten players were allowed to join each lobby before an Among Us update was added, upping the maximum.) Goose Goose Duck has built-in proximity voice chat, allowing players to verbally communicate in the game without using Discord or another service, while Among Us does not. Lastly, there is the option to play a lot of different roles in Goose Goose Duck, depending on the game mode you choose. Among Us only has two roles: Impostor and Crewmate.

Goose Goose Duck is a lot like Among Us, but it also adds some brand new refreshing features to the game that players will likely be happy to see in the game.

That's all you need to know whether the newly popular game Goose Goose Duck is like Among Us, as well as how it differs from the other hit game.