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Best Kings Canyon Landing Spots In Apex Legends Season 19

Wondering what the best drop spots are on King's Canyon? We've got you covered.
Best Kings Canyon Landing Spots In Apex Legends Season 19
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Apex Legends' King's Canyon map comes and goes, entering the game's map rotation every few seasons. With the map's constant exit and re-entry, it has also seen many different changes over the seasons. As a result, both beginners and veterans of the game might be wondering what the best drop spots are on King's Canyon right now. King's Canyon is home to a wide variety of different locations, each of which contains a unique set of loot and landmarks. Here are all of the best places to land on Apex Legends' King's Canyon map, so you can get off to the best start possible during Season 19.

kings canyon apex legends
King's Canyon is one of the oldest Apex Legends maps, but it's seen a lot of changes. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)

Crash Site

The Crash Site might just be the best drop spot in King's Canyon. It sits at the far north of the map; though it isn't toward the middle, it's still a very frequent and well-known landing spot for players, so you might run into other squads if you land here. That said, there's some pretty great loot here, meaning that while you might have to fight it out with other squads to get the goods, you'll find it well worth dropping at the Crash Site.

It's also worth noting that it's a very large area, so even if you do happen to come across other squads as you land, you should have plenty of room to combat them no matter what Legend you're playing.


Relic is a small settlement full of high-level loot. It's a very open area, so you'll have to engage in combat if you come across foes here - but thankfully, Relic isn't a super popular drop spot, so you may not come across any other squads at all. It's a good idea to try to land on the outskirts of Relic, since you have the lowest chance of coming across enemies, but can still find some great loot before you go into the center.

Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake replaced the old Slum Lakes location, now including extravagant buildings full of solid loot. There are also ziplines, allowing for easy transportation across the area. Spotted Lake is quite far from the center of the map and isn't a frequent landing spot for most players. Therefore, you won't have to worry about running into other squads right after you land. However, this place is jam-packed with loot, so while you won't find many other players, you will find weaponry and shields galore.

Those are the best drop spots on Apex Legends' King's Canyon map in Season 18, but stay tuned as it could change in future seasons.