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One tip for each Legend to help you win in Ranked Mode

Whichever Legend you prefer, there are multiple ways to achieve victory in Apex Legends. This brief guide has a top tip for every Legend in order for you to find success in Ranked matches.
One tip for each Legend to help you win in Ranked Mode

Apex Legends launched in February to an impressive reception from players and critics alike, offering a fresh take on battle royale - focusing on squad-based combat and unique player abilities.

With the addition of Ranked Play back in July, there’s a greater emphasis on maximising every trick in the book and every option in the toolbox for all eleven of the game’s Legends. Ranked Matches can be described as sweaty, and while working methodically can feel safest, Apex Legends’ excellent gunplay means death can come swiftly.


With all of that in mind, we’ve put together a suggestion to help you get the most of out of every hero in an effort to get that "Champion" status.



Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher may not be an ability that deals damage, but it can offer plenty of utility. Use it to separate an enemy squad, or regroup with your own when you need a break from being shot at.

Our favourite, though, is using it late in a match and then using her Ultimate Ability, Rolling Thunder to cause "shock and awe" to rain down on an enemy squad without them even knowing what hit them.



The tracker of the roster, Bloodhound’s ability to ping the location of enemies for teammates when using "Eye of the Allfather" offers plenty of opportunities to stalk unsuspecting opposition.

We’d recommend teaming with someone like Bangalore or Caustic to cover an area in smoke or poison gas respectively - allowing your entire squad to identify opponents within the chaos and eliminate them before they can react.



A trapper that specialises in zone control, Caustic’s Ultimate Ability is ideal in tight confined spaces. Because it deals damage as well as lightly obscuring vision, it can push whole teams backwards.

Combine this with a classic "pincer" flanking manoeuvre and your team can mop up after the damage has been done.



The surveillance drone that Crypto uses as his tactical ability has more utility than you’d think. For one, you can use the "picture in picture" mode to use it to react to battlefield situations - like needing a quick exit when things get too heated, or plotting a flanking route.

Because the drone can identify enemies within a radius, it can be handy to park it in a difficult to reach place - therefore offering overwatch for your squad. In fact, park is next to the Arena’s huge banner displays and it’ll show how many squads are nearby.




Still one of the easiest kits to learn, Gibraltar’s best strategy is to save his "Defensive Bombardment" Ultimate Ability until the final circle.

Even if it doesn’t land on an enemy, it can send them running for cover and lower their awareness of their surroundings. Just don’t forget to use the dome shield in case another squad comes from behind!



Unlike Gibraltar, Lifeline’s Ultimate Ability (the Care Package) is best used before the last circle to gear up.

Saving it for later can give your position away, but if you feel confident you can take out a squad before they loot it then why not set it as bait? It could bring enemies rushing to it, or simply get them looking one way while you flank around the other way.



A trickster focused on confusing enemies with holographic decoys, Mirage’s Ultimate Ability is perfect for final circle shenanigans.

If you know an enemy is just over a ridge or behind a door, use Vanishing Act to cloak yourself and send out multiple decoys. Pair it with a squad with a keen aim and you can take out enemies as soon as they engage the decoys.



Launch Pad, Octane’s fun-to-use Ultimate Ability, can send a squad hurtling across the map - but is best saved for the moment where all seems lost and the ring is too far away.

It’s arguably better than the "Redeployment Balloons" dotted around the map because it’s a lot less visible - meaning enemies hopefully won’t be camping with their scopes pointed at it.




Poor Pathfinder never feels like he’s the most useful character, but he’s certainly fun to use in the right circumstances.

With both maps in Apex Legends focused on verticality, having someone able to ascend or descend quickly to reposition a squad is ideal. Pair him with new character Crypto and things get even more exciting - you can grapple onto Crypto’s drone to send Pathfinder flying on an attack vector that no team can predict.



"Perimeter Security" is one of our favourite tactical abilities in Apex Legends, because it’s so ideal for that "backs against the wall" situation many matches end up in.

The electrical fences Wattson deploys may not be the most inconspicuous of traps, but they can be used to funnel opposition straight into your sites. If they do try and make a break for it, they’ll be slowed down, hurt, and pinged for your team to see.

Of course, you can always pen an opponent into an indoor area - allowing Caustic to hurl a gas grenade in, too.




"Dimensional Rift", Wraith’s Ultimate Ability, connects two portals together that your squad (and enemies) can travel through - but many aren’t aware that a downed comrade can also crawl through.

This means you can set one portal near a teammate and another in an area of safety, and they can crawl to safety - often out of the circle.


What are your favourite strategies in Apex Legends? Let us know!