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Best World's Edge Landing Spots In Apex Legends Season 19

Here are some of Apex Legends' World's Edge map's best landing locations.
Best World's Edge Landing Spots In Apex Legends Season 19
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World's Edge was one of the first maps in Apex Legends, and it's still one of the most popular maps and regularly played in the game thanks to its frequent occurrences in the map rotation. Since most players will spend a lot of time on World's Edge, it's important to know where the best spots are to land - whether you prefer to avoid opponents and grab as much loot as you can before you dive into the action, or you want to go in head first. Here are the best landing locations in Apex Legends' World's Edge map during Season 18 for various playstyles.

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Here are some of World's Edge's best landing locations in Apex. (Picture: Respawn Entertainment)


  • Best for: Contesting other squads, strong loot

The Harvester is very close to the center of the map, which means that you have a fairly high chance of running into other players. However, there is a lot of loot here, so it's well worth the chance of running into others if you're ready to fight them for the great items available at this location.

We recommend Harvester for mid-to-high-skill players who feel confident going up against other squads right off the bat.

Thermal Station

  • Best for: Avoiding other squads, quiet early-game

While not the busiest spot on the map, Thermal Station has a lot of strong loot spread out throughout. The potential lack of opponents in the area, coupled with the relatively high amount of loot, gives you plenty of time in the early game to stock up before you seek out other teams.

We recommend Thermal Station for players who want to get off to a great start but don't want to combat other teams immediately.


  • Best for: Strong loot, including shields

Countdown can sometimes be very busy, but other times it's quite quiet; it depends on your luck, so keep an eye out for other players when landing here. While you do risk seeing some other players when you land, you're guaranteed to get some pretty good loot here, so Countdown is a worthwhile spot to land.

We recommend Countdown for players who are willing to risk interacting with other players early on to get their hands on some guaranteed good loot.

Those are all of the best landing locations in World's Edge. Depending on your preferences, you may want to try out various landing spots; some will put you far away from other players while allowing you to grab some great weapons, while others will put you dead-center into action.