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Studio Wildcard & Overwolf Announce 2023 ARKathon Mod Contest With $350,000 Prizepool

Create awesome mods and win your share of $350,000 as we discuss the details of the upcoming ARKathon Mod Contest in ARK Survival Ascended.
Studio Wildcard & Overwolf Announce 2023 ARKathon Mod Contest With $350,000 Prizepool
Studio Wildcard / Curseforge

To commemorate the significant addition of cross-platform mod support in ARK Survival Ascended, the developers at Studio Wildcard, in collaboration with Overwolf, have unveiled the 2023 ARKathon Mod Contest, boasting a generous prize pool of $350,000.

If this revelation has piqued your interest and you're eager to delve into the details, you've come to the right place. Let's explore the details of the 2023 ARKathon Mod Contest for ARK Survival Ascended below.

Studio Wildcard and Overwolf Announce the 2023 ARKathon Mod Contest with $350,000 worth of prizes

Players and studios are invited to participate in the 2023 ARKathon Mod Contest, beginning on December 5, 2023, and concluding on February 5, 2024, with a total of $350,000 in prize money up for grabs. This event is open to both individual creators and game studios, featuring two distinct tracks: the Modders Track and the Studios Track.

ARK Survival Ascended ARKathon Mod Contest Modder Track
The Modder Track will see 8 individuals win prizes for creating maps, or anything else, and split a reward of $50,000. (Picture: Studio Wildcard / Curseforge)

The Modders Track invites individual creators to craft custom maps, skins, and various other mods for ARK: Survival Ascended. This track is further categorized into two segments, one dedicated to maps and the other encompassing a variety of mods. Participating is as straightforward as uploading your mod to CurseForge.

A panel of judges will select twelve finalists, followed by a community vote on Twitter (X). The prize pool of $50,000 will then be distributed among eight winners, with $10,000 awarded to each of the three winning maps and $4,000 to each of the five winning "everything else" mods.

ARK Survival Ascended ARKathon Mod Contest Studi Track
The Studio track will see three studios win $100,000 as a development grant to build out their winning DLC quality mod for the game. (Picture: Studio Wildcard / Curseforge)

On the other hand, the Studios Track requires participants to submit a concise "Kickstarter-like" proposal video outlining their vision for a DLC-quality mod. The video should showcase the planned narrative, gameplay, and visuals for the premium mod. Studios that include a playable demo along with their video will receive additional consideration. Three winning studios will be selected, each receiving a $100,000 development grant.

Whether you are an individual creator or part of a larger studio, the upcoming ARKathon Mod Contest caters to everyone. For detailed information, please refer to the official details on CurseForge's website. Best of luck to all participants in the event!